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Small business developed into a 200-rupee Cr honey brand that can compete with Dabur and Patanjali

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Abhisit Honey established a spice and honey company in Delhi in 1924. After focusing on P2B production for the export market and then P2C production for the Indian market, Apis now competes with well-known brands such as Dapur and Patanjali.


Beekeeping or beekeeping is one of the oldest practices in India, but it has become very popular in recent years. As consumers increase their preference for natural alternatives to artificial sweeteners and their awareness of the health benefits of honey, the local demand for honey is also increasing. By packaging honey products, brands such as Tapur and Patanjali have taken advantage of this trend and gained a reputation in the market. However, for many years, Delhi-based Appis India was the only honey supplier for Tapur and Patanjali. After realizing that there are huge honey business opportunities in the fast-moving consumer goods field, Abbys began to emphasize the P2C model in 2016. Apis, which hopes to leave its large customers Tapur and Patanjali and become its competitor, launched the consumer-oriented brand Apis Himalayan Honey.


"When we started our own brand, we lost the Dabur and Patanjali business. We also developed our distribution network from the ground up, which required a lot of investment. We did this right because we were determined to create the FMCG brand. AbhisHimalayan The Honey brand is unprecedented. Therefore, our perseverance has paid off," Pankaj Misra, CEO of Abbys India, told SMBStory, adding that Abbis's turnover increased from 1.3 billion rupees in 2015 to 1.4 billion. Rupees, which reached approximately Rs 2 billion last year. The portfolio adds dates, jams, pickles, ginger garlic paste, green tea and soybeans, market growth and competition. Abhisit is now competing in a rapidly growing market. Industry estimates indicate that the e-commerce-driven Indian honey market is worth 17.29 billion in 2019. rupee. In addition to its medical applications, by 2025, the health benefits of honey in the post-COVID world will reach approximately Rs 306 crore, reaching the local market.


Dabur and Patanjali are the biggest competitors of the office. However, Pankaj believes that Apis can compete on the quality and price of honey products. He said: "Our honey comes from a family of experts with more than 30 years of honey source and production experience. People recommend Abyss Honey more than other national brands because it provides quality products at an affordable price. We have been developing at different stages. Various projects, which will enable Abyss India to take a different path in terms of competitive advantage." Pankaj said that his faith originated from the office tradition in 1924. The grandfather of Abhis founder Wimal Anand ran a small business in Delhi that traded in spices, honey and other food products. In 1993, the founder of the company established his own honey processing plant in Rajpura, Punjab, to distill, process and supply honey to Indian P2B customers.

Focusing on exporting At the beginning of the new century, Vimal and its founders began to look elsewhere. Wimal received formal training in beekeeping and honey processing at Warmia Allist University in Poland, and he discovered a major international opportunity. He believes that India’s per capita honey consumption is lower than that of Europe and the United States, and he believes that it will be more profitable to export honey to the international market. "In 2002, we started the honey export and private label business. We started to build global reserves and established a robust production structure backed by an Indian factory. We gradually moved from a trading company to a honey exporter," Pankaj Say.


We enter the P2B business as a manufacturer. By 2016, we had conducted large-scale transactions and found that there were few national companies branded with honey in the Indian market, so we decided to explore this consumer sector while developing this network of beekeepers. The P2C business model is mainly dominated by Tapoor, but Bankis said that the office did not fail, but touted its integration and business expertise in the integrated backend. Abbis follows a three-level quality control process in the raw material phase, processing and storage phase, and transportation phase.


It is found in many types of honey, from multifloral honey, eucalyptus honey and acacia honey to wild wild honey and lychee honey. Abhis started the development of P2C by cooperating with badminton player PV Sindhu as its brand ambassador. In order to occupy the organized honey market and make it a national food brand, Abbys invested a lot of money in marketing and brand advertising. All these factors, combined with its largest factory in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, contributed 1 billion rupees to the turnover of Abhisit's FMCG division watches. Market development and future plans In addition to the best honey brands, ABS now has competitors in other fast-moving consumer goods fields because it has been divided into 7 types of fast-moving consumer goods.

Pankaj said that investments in R&D, innovation, brand building and market expansion will help the office remain competitive in all areas. The office is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Groofers and Demart, Hypercity, More and Big Bazaar, in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maha Rashitra and Uttar Pradesh have offices. In order to attract more customers to pay attention to the exciting honey competition, Abhisit became a co-sponsor of the Rajasthan Royal Group of IPL in 2020. “As a helmet supporter of the Rajasthan Royal Team, we see IPL as a promising asset because of its wide-ranging influence. Pankay said: “We have always wanted to remain competitive, but our advertising calendar is aimed at In winter. "

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