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Origin of BCH Tokenization: More than 10,000 Bitcoin Cash Based SLP Tokens

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4 months ago

This week, Bitcoin cash fans are discussing the milestone of more than 10,000 Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens created since the infrastructure was first introduced. In addition, more than a million transactions have taken place on Bitcoin cash-based tokens to date.


Bitcoin Cash (PCH) community members have noticed that 10,679 SLP tokens have now been created since the birth of the "Simple Ledger Protocol". Discussions on SLP milestones will be held this week at the popular Reddit Forum on R / PTC.


Excluding the 10k + SLP tokens generated, the number of transactions is close to 1 million. The token data page indicates that 960,346 SLP-based transactions have been made. Statistics show that 2,250 SLP transactions have been recorded in the last 24 hours.


Currently, the most popular top five tokens in the last 24 hours are Refund Token, Mistcoin, Mass, Spice and Zapit. However, the top five SLP tokens based on 30 day stats usage are Mistcoin, MAS, Refund Token, DPS and Jabit. So far, 10,000 SLP tokens have been generated and so far there are 13,353 token burns. Burning is the process of preventing the SLP token from circulating.


Since the launch of this project, the SLP team has been working with a number of projects and infrastructure providers. This includes games such as Exchanges, standard providers such as Honestcoin and Tether,, SLP hardware wallets, RealMX, Digital Advertising Market Tripios, Spice Token Ecosystem, WoCommerce's SLP Pay and many more.


SLP's Growth Debt Fund (TFI) Introduces Bitcoin Cash (PCH) and the upcoming derivative product Anihedge, a project developed by the General Ethics Group. In addition, the SLP exchange is rearranged as a decentralized exchange (Tex) for cryptocurrency PCH, and cooperates with the common contract.


In addition, not long ago, the SLP Environment Committee released several rewards for improving the SLP ecosystem.


For example, pounds are used to establish one or more smart contracts, to provide extra security to token issuers, and to pay over 500 honest currencies (USDH). In addition, over the past six months, the SLP program has created the SLP Foundation and described how people use SLP tokens to take advantage of multiple signature management.


In addition, since the implementation of the Simple Ledger protocol, many tokens have accumulated real value.'s SLP token code shows a total of eight market caps, including Tether (USDT). There are currently 6 million USDT based on SLP, but tethers have been installed on many chains.


Other top SLP tokens in the market capitalization include $ 29 million for Flex Coin (Flex), $ 4 million for Crypto (GOC) and $ 3.3 million for Brave Sound Token (BRST) total value. It is followed by Honest Coin (USDH-7 2.7M), ACD Coin (ACD - $ 2.3M), SAI (SAI - $ 882k) and Spice Coin (Spice - 2,000 332,000).


The SLP Foundation has announced an alliance with the Blackhawk Global 2020 event to be held in October. "[Six weeks. The SLP Foundation posted information on Twitter on September 18 about major educational [and] investment partners.

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4 months ago
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