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New mining company controlling a quarter of the BCH’s hashrate of a life safety Over Empty Blocks

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4 months ago

According to the report, a new mining company is partly responsible for mining blank blocks in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, which caught the attention of the community as it quickly captured a quarter of the network hashrate.


Members of the cryptocurrency community recently acquired one-third of the network hashrate at one time in a mining operation known as HathorMM, this time with numerous blank blocks (with no transaction) - cut off.


Mining activity seems to be related to a cryptocurrency called Hathor (HDR), which allows for integrated mining, which means miners can mine HDR and BCH simultaneously. According to's website, the project calls this project a "scalable and easy-to-use digital asset blockchain". HT and BCH can do the linked mining between Bitcoin SV and Digibyte (DGB).


When General Protocol and BCHN developer John Neeri spoke about the gaps, he said that Hawthorne's creator had nothing to do with the miners using the minefield and that there were "four major releases of Hawthorne connected mines". He added:


Water said it was "very confident" that it had identified the empty blocks in the mine pool and would "contact them to make sure they were aware of the November issue." It is worth noting that next month, Bitcoin's cash network will be subjected to a planned hard fork.


The price of HDR token is gradually increasing. According to data available in late September, the token traded at $ 0.058, and on October 12, the price rose more than 500% to trade above $ 0.30. Since then, its price has fallen to .1 0.177.


Currently, the hash rate of the Bitcoin cash network is 2.77 ExHash (EH / S), while the hash rate of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain is 138 EH / V, which means that the large mining pools in the BTC network can be exchanged. Its hash rate leads to BCH and has a major impact.

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4 months ago
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