YouTube's Censorship Strikes Again: Popular Bitcoin Cash Channel Shut Down

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4 months ago

The censorship exercised by video creation and sharing platform YouTube is somewhat excessive. They have a monopoly on the market in this category and are the most popular platform in the universe. They use this power to shut down channels with quality content that are gaining popularity, without being accountable to anyone, since they are the owners of the space.

This arbitrary behavior has caused yet another Bitcoin Cash channel in the universe to fall. This time, it was the channel for creating and sharing content explaining and teaching about Bitcoin Cash in Argentina, called elbitcoin. It is a channel that connects a large Latin community in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and was gaining notoriety, especially in this period when the Argentine currency is in complete inflation.

This is not new behavior for YouTube, which has closed many other channels without prior notice or notification, sometimes using support channels to inform the owners of the channels. In the Bitcoin Cash universe, the Bitcoin Cash Argentina channel was also shut down last year, without any explanation for the reason.

It is a shameful attitude on the part of YouTube, because even if they have obvious reasons for shutting down channels, it is ethical and responsible to notify the owners of the channels and provide them with at least the benefit of the doubt. After all, sometimes an infraction may have been committed, but the creators can justify the reasons and receive a favorable or unfavorable response. They have the right to appeal the decision.

In this case, although YouTube allows channel creators to appeal, few have their situation resolved favorably. Many end up being punished and having their channels removed from the platform. This cannot happen.

I don't know if the platform considers the fact that creating and sharing content, as well as marketing the channel to gain subscribers, takes time and effort from the creators. It is work that often feeds families with monetization, and it can suddenly be taken away from them without even a reason for the creator to have closure.

Not long ago, Naomi Brockwell also had a video where suddenly all the views were lost and the video was shadow-banned, which led her to have to repost the video on the Odyssey platform. Fortunately, after appealing, the video was restored, but she had to re-publish and ask the community to watch it again! This is a habit of YouTube that raises little transparency in the way they manage the platform and opens up possibilities for us to consider that there is external influence.

A decentralized platform system is needed to combat this type of censorship and allow users and creators to not be afraid to publish or even watch videos, since no one can be told what to search for online, and it is up to the individual to be responsible for what they watch. It is a challenge to create decentralized platforms, but this behavior by platforms like YouTube must be stopped.

To the creators of the elbitcoin channel, I send my strength, and I hope they do not see this obstacle as a reason to stop sharing, producing, and continuing to work for the development of Bitcoin Cash in Argentina. After all, Argentina and the entire Latin universe look up to this great group of visionaries.

Stay strong!


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