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Why hasn't Satoshi Nakamoto appeared yet, and why BCH is the original Bitcoin

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2 weeks ago

The creator of Bitcoin launched the Whitepaper, first in late 2008, when he sent it to an encrypted list of email signatories and it was at this very moment that he used the pseudonym for which he is known to this day - Satoshi Nakamoto, who it is considered by many to be the true father of the world's free monetary economy. However, there are also several doubts as to whether the pseudonym is a real name, whether it is a man, woman, cyberpunk group or even an intelligence agency. One thing is clear the creator of Bitcoin remains unknown to the world.

Why remain an unknown

  1. Avoiding government attention

"Better stay anonymous than in jail, this guys want to monopolies the market with their fiat and keep people enslaved, i want them to be free"...

The creator of Bitcoin has decided to remain anonymous a lot because he knows that the government does not look at alternative currency creators with the best eye, quite the contrary, they are persecuted and often arrested, not only would government agencies go after him but criminals would also be called attention to your figure.

Years before the creation of Bitcoin, precisely in 1998, Bernard Von NotHaus had already created a private currency in Hawaii, which he called Liberty Dollar and the same currency had a relatively good track until in 2007 the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the North American Secret Service decided that its issuance was a danger to the sovereignty of the American State. NotHaus was indicted in several lawsuits and found guilty of creating a private currency, Liberty Dollar was severely banned and the prosecution cited the indictment as an "affront to state power and its invention was intended to compete with the currency. official of the United States of America ".

In the same year of 2017, another currency also appeared, e-Gold, which was also accused by the country's sovereign bodies of causing illegal activity because it did not have plausible information about its customers, its creator was arrested, remaining in captivity and your closed company.

These factors all certainly led Satoshi Nakamoto to prefer to keep his identity anonymous and out of the spotlight of government agencies, since you are particularly fond of entrepreneurs working in the field of decentralized digital products. Satoshi preferred to focus on the development of blockchain technology behind Bitcoin.

In its infinite wisdom, NAKAMOTO realized that, for the maintenance of Bitcoin Core as a decentralized currency, the currency could not have a leader or refer users to a centralized problem point that could compromise all their aspirations. Everything should be based on faith in the technology available and an objective assessment and not be focused on the pronouncement of a leader or organization.

And finally Bitcoin would be available to everyone, which could be used as a peer-to-peer electronic system, both for legal and illegal services as with fiat currency.

  1. Satoshi did not create Bitcoin for illegal use

The main purpose for the Bitcoin creation was to give freedom to the people, but humans tend to use it for obscure's not the currency but the people behaviour like fiat being used to drugs trafficking

Let it be clear that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a currency for payments for goods and services in a system of monetary freedom, but he never wished it would be used for unconventional purposes, but the human being who holds it often gives unorthodox ends using Bitcoin for completely off ground purposes, in which case we can mention the case of the famous deep web market, managed by Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road. This market has had spectacular notoriety in the Illegal online world, and has somewhat helped Bitcoin in popularity and decentralized means of payment.

Ross Ulbricht, was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment accused of facilitating the trade in drugs and other materials prohibited by law in the United States of America, in 2017 he appealed the judicial decision but the federal services still keep him in prison, a destination that certainly SATOSHI NAKAMOTO HAVE BEEN FACING IF YOU DECIDED TO REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY.

Satoshi's identity, even if it is not revealed or discovered, is not lacking because the blockchain technology that he gave up and conceived works without however needing him to be known.

The creator of Bitcoin realized that for the currency to prevail there must be a separation between the creator, the concepts behind the technology, inventions and content and all of this being open to interpretation.

So what would Nakamoto do and the emergence of Bitcoin Cash

Looking for the Bitcoin whitepaper, it's clear that BCH is the real Bitcoin and BTC need to find a new Whitepaper...

With this separation of Bitcoin values ​​and open to an interpretation, people are often referred to the thought "and now what would Nakamoto do", this question represents several things for different people. As Bitcoin does not have a leader or organization behind it cannot lead its destiny in one direction or another, but it is up to the community to decide what the best path to take according to the principles established by SATOSHI, which are a decentralized currency, with cheap transactions and quick confirmations, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system_ accordingly to the WHITEPAPER.


THIS divergence of opinion gave rise to a new form of digital money, more NAKAMOTO style and completely following the original Whitepaper created and launched by the "father of monetary independence" in 2008, originated Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 2017.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) follows all of Satoshi Nakamoto's dream, it encompasses a futuristic vision of decentralized digital money, with absurdly low rates and very fast blockchain confirmations. So with these fundamentals, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) revives the plans for a universal decentralized currency that everyone is a part of, it is an inclusive currency and allows everyone to have an active participation in the development of the community.

The dream lives on with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as what had been created to be digital money with low rates and fast confirmations has completely failed, and is now an asset more compared to digital gold, where non-inclusive, no is completely decentralized, with absurdly high rates and slow confirmation on the network causing relentless congestion in its blockchain, Bitcoin Core (BTC) has failed in its mission.

But after all who is Satoshi Nakamoto

This question has been asked for years and there was a lot of speculation about who would be the creator of Bitcoin, but until today it will not be just speculation, but let's see who is on the list of possible Satoshi Nakamoto:

Craig Wright isn't SATOSHI...
  1. Craig Wright- this is however one of the most controversial candidates for Satoshi, as he will publicly declare that he is the real Satoshi, which was often denied and led to him undergoing several lawsuits

Wright declared in 2016 to be NAKAMOTO providing evidence, which was vehemently denied and considered dubious since it contained nothing new and was publicly registered. And this was not only, he was also accused of falsifying content to impersonate Nakamoto and many people have said that Wright was nothing more than an impostor, one of Wright's critics was the founder of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, who he called "crazy and a complete fraud ".

Hal Finney died in 2014, but denied to be SATOSHI NAKAMOTO
  1. Hal Finney- was a cyberpunk and worked with cryptography, he was very famous because he will create a reusable proof-of-work system. He was also the first person to have the pleasure of receiving the first Bitcoin sent by Nakamoto and was also the first to download the Bitcoin software.

Finney dismissed all claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto before his death in 2014

Nick Szabo- also isn't Satoshi
  1. Nick Szabo- Much has been speculated about Nick being the creator of Bitcoin, he is a renowned crypto man who was involved in the first decentralized currency creation before Bitcoin, Bitgold, is never made public but to whom he assures that it has similarities with Bitcoin.

However Nick has always denied being Satoshi Nakamoto.

They are potential candidates but none is him..."so the billion dollar question, where he is?"...
  1. Adam Back- This was also considered a possible candidate, Back is the CEO of Blockstream and also a renowned cryptographer and he has strengths in his favor because he corresponded directly with NAKAMOTO and was even mentioned in WHITEPAPER, this connection has been disputed many times because several people said he was the one who said he had met NAKAMOTO.

Adam Back also refused to be Nakamoto and quoted by Bloomberg he says:

"It is generally better, at this point, that the founder of Bitcoin is not known," he says.

“Because bitcoin is more like digital gold. You wouldn't want gold to have a founder. For bitcoin to maintain a commodity-like perception, I think it's very good that Satoshi doesn't go public. ”

Also we can check this tweet, courtesy remembered by @MarcDeMesel who also can come to our list of possible SATOSHI NAKAMOTO, the creator of Bitcoin and the "father of modern decentralized economy"😎

He was too young at the time of Bitcoin creation but nothing it's impossible, he could be Satoshi...why not


The real identity of Satoshi remains unknown, but the technology brought by him works without needing him to show his face, if this happens it could have negative repercussions in the market as we saw in past cases with the arrest of several entrepreneurs in the digital field, and more recently with the SEC (SEcurity Exchange Commission) chasing cryptocurrencies and their founders, LBRY has also been cited for days and incurs a process of selling illegal tokens in the North American market, but it is not all bad news.

Satoshi with his audacity gave the world an opportunity for financial freedom that motivated the planet to bet more on decentralized assets and was the basis for the creation of Bitcoin Cash, which is truly the true and original Bitcoin because it fits all the standards set in WHITEPAPER by him released in late 2008 and early 2009, one thing can be said:

"Thank you very much Satoshi for bringing Bitcoin Cash to life for us, a decentralized global currency, low fees and quick confirmations on the network" - Satoshi Nakamoto is a hero of the people, as he created a technology that is reinforced by him being anonymous, and people can stay focused on Blockchain without being distracted by him.

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Written by   616
2 weeks ago
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Thanks for the tip and for giving one candidate to occupy the place of SATOSHI I will update the article with it🙏

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This article for me is very informative.

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