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Using Bitcoin Cash has never been simpler for money remittances

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3 months ago

The main reason for the immigration process in the world is the desire to seek better living conditions: a good job, better housing or schooling conditions as well as a favorable environment for human existence. This annually movement leads millions of people to leave their origin areas in search of these conditions, which creates a great depopulation on departure places and in the arrival location an overpopulation.

Immigration has always existed and will always exist, but what changes most is the level of demand also the amount that each region in the world has the capacity to supply.

Immigration will always exist, so it's needed a better way to send money to loved ones

People from Africa and Asia as well as Latin or Central American countries are the ones that move the most in this direction, leading to many parts being uninhabited and without financial production migrating all or almost all the workforce to places where they can pay a decent salary.

Places uninhabited by immigration leave people there, those who cannot travel as old people and children are left behind while young people leave the country/region moving in search of better conditions. Those left behind are also left with the burden of being the ones in need for direct assistance from the ones who emigrate to distant areas far beyond their imagination.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the immigrant family to provide cash so that they do not perish in their places of origin!

But how to do it?

Obviously for the relatives of emigrants who are working abroad, it will be necessary to arrange a mechanism or financial means for those who stayed in the country of origin without, for example, having to spend a lot of money in the process of sending money for them. The money sent will have to be quickly and very practical, because there will be days when it has to be used so that they can use it to buy goods and consumptions or even pay for their children's enrollment either pay for a medical prescription.

If it takes days, a lot can happen and the receiver could miss out some important opportunities to take advantage of them!

Not only that, the money that will be sent from abroad could also be used for the worker abroad to pay for bricklayers and buy construction material so that when he comes home, for example, in a vacation can have a space where can rest and call it home, if the sending process takes 'forever' would not be feasible at all.

Bitcoin Cash for remittances.

The transfer money system companies, often end up with a large part of the money that the worker abroad sends home, leading the beneficiary [receiver] to end up with very little when they could have more percentage if they were to use the crypto system.

But, also remember that not all cryptocurrencies work well for remittances as there are those that literally ruin the pocket of the worker abroad well also the beneficiary upon receipt. This is all because the execution fees they charge (blockchain costs) are way above even the companies that work in the field of remittances.

It is therefore necessary to equip people with capable tools that make the remittance process smooth for both parties and charge little on the process.

...and Bitcoin Cash works in this sense:

Using Bitcoin Cash, workers anywhere in the world can without any fear send to their areas of origin money and with that provide what is necessary so that their loved ones does not suffer during the period when they are away on their mission of service.

Bitcoin Cash is very cheap, safe and with increasing use and adoption with several merchants willing to accept the currency in exchange for their products and services.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Cash has no borders and can be stored in a decentralized way, giving its holder the power to use it at any time of the day and every day of the year without interruption.

No government or tertiary party can interfere with how the bearer/user can or should use their funds, greatly increasing freedom and financial emancipation where man becomes his own bank.


The demand for Bitcoin Cash in the commercial sector will continue to grow with many companies and stores accepting the currency in exchange for their products and services provided. Workers who left their homes will increasingly have a decentralized market where they can send and receive money to their loved ones quickly, dynamically and very securely.

Traditional remittance companies will go eventually under and one of the reasons for this is their time-consuming and very expensive system of operations. It makes no sense that in an increasingly technological world, the cash recipient has to wait days to receive his money while with Bitcoin Cash it can be instant!

So why wait 72 hours or more when it can be instant with Bitcoin Cash?

With the emigration process not slowing down, many people will be able to send money home without having to worry about the transaction costs or even having embarrassment with it because the time it is sent can be confirmed the next same moment, costing a few cents of the dollar.

As the world evolves, Bitcoin Cash will be an extremely useful weapon in sending remittances around the world.

Bitcoin Cash has everything you and me could want in a currency for remittance: fast, cheap, safe and guarantees peace of mind for those who use it;

Bitcoin Cash is starting a revolutionizing payment system for remittances (and more) using decentralized digital currency that can serve the whole world.


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Written by   1074
3 months ago
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Bitcoin Cash is instant transferable and it cost low transfer fees.

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