The potential of Bitcoin Cash cannot be ignored

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In addition for being a universal peer-to-peer currency where those involved in the transaction can make payments from anywhere on the globe and be charged extremely low fees, Bitcoin Cash is a currency full of opportunities and innovations behind it.

Its foundations are a manna for anyone looking for a quality currency that can be adopted as a payment instrument without borders and that can also be a bank, where users can, without authorization from third parties, can move their money every day of the year at any time or hour paying very low for it. It's an excellent currency and can also evolve in the DeFi world and also using the simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) that allows tokens to be issued on top of Bitcoin Cash.

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP)

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SLP is a system built on top of Bitcoin Cash that allows the creation of tokens on the native currency blockchain. The system allows these tokens to have a unique and special model where users can, in addition to creating them, also issue or transfer the coins with the same security that works on the Bitcoin Cash network.

The Bitcoin Cash network allows tokens created on top of the blockchain to have value or even associated with valuable assets where the network has the role of providing transparency and integrity for all transactions that occur on the blockchain.

More information about SLP technology can be found on the website:

This technology also allows it to issue non-fugible tokens, which are digital assets in art format issued and registered on blockchain.

DeFi system using smartBCH

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SmartBCH side-chain is the latest trend and evolution of Bitcoin Cash that allows the currency to be used in DeFi and everything that comes from it.

SmartBCH was officially launched in 2021 and has already been operating in the decentralized finance market for 7 months and where Bitcoin Cash is the native currency for all types of payments that occur in the ecosystem. Bitcoin Cash is used as fuel for fee payments, both in the creation of smart contracts, in the movement of tokens, in the issuance of NFTs etc.

The side-chain has grown and will continue to grow, there is currently an investment of more than 1001500 BCH and each time a transaction takes place part of the fees charged will be burned reducing the total supply of Bitcoin Cash and another part of the fees is used to pay the side-chain validators.

In the seven months of operation, the side-chain has already conquered several decentralized trading platforms where investors can trade, swap, farm, stake and even make loans in a decentralized way. Among several trading platforms, Mistswap Dex, BenSwap, 1BCH, Tangoswap, Tropical.Finance, CowSwap etc stand out and have a swap aggregator called smartswap that allows the user/investor to compare the various prices on SmartBCH and choose what best satisfies you quickly and safely.

Besides creating tokens, there are also NFTs projects that are on the rise on the side-chain and that mark a great differential in the field, since the projects have the primacy to use non-fugible tokens to stake and generate profit without need to sell digital art and ensuring that it gains real value over time. The most eye-catching project at the moment is LAW Punks, which was a pioneer and pushed a lot of projects to follow the same path.

In addition to LAW Punks NFTs, the sidechain also have Puffers Poolside, CATS NFT, Thrones:Queens, Gambling Apes Club, ReapersNFT, PGC, JoyBots NFT and much more, each of these projects has its purpose and some are in development of their own. stake platforms or games.

Therefore, talking about Bitcoin Cash is making sure that the currency has a very large infrastructure and the possibility of evolving even more because the blockchain allows it! SmartBCH is Bitcoin Cash in smart contracts that ensures that in addition to being used only as a means of payment, it can also be used as DeFi and not just any, but an inclusive DeFi where, because of the fees, it invites many people to participate in it.

And, with the development of the side-chain, projects that aim for its expansion and also that want more people to participate in SmartBCH, created means that allow other types of coins to be invested in the ecosystem using decentralized bridges, as in the case of the MistswapDEX bridge which allows more than 20 cryptocurrencies to be converted to Bitcoin Cash on SEP-20 to be used in the side-chain.

This is a big ambition and it also allows more people to invest their coins using bridge and benefit from the gains they can get on a cheap side-chain and allows more people to onboard.

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Bitcoin Cash is the future

The future of payments as well as decentralized finance is centered on Bitcoin Cash, as people are looking for ecosystems that allow for greater coverage and acceptance by the majority since the fees and transaction speed are very favorable.

No one cannot ignore Bitcoin Cash and only look at the price factor, because the currency goes beyond that! There is a remarkable development behind Bitcoin Cash and that is an asset, the SLP technology, the smart contract system, NFTs and much more are some of the exponential attractions of Bitcoin Cash.

In the way that Bitcoin Cash is today, it is the same as saying that the currency is super devalued because there is a lot to be raised and the future is awesome, definitely can't be ignored.

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I like to owner of 100 bitcoin in between 2025. Its my dream. but I am a from poor family.

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When you believe it can happen just keep on doing steps to reach them

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but its tough now a days. But dream comes true.

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