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The catastrophe in Palma and the emergence of Humanitarian Aid_A call for the Bitcoin Cash Community

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1 month ago

Disclaimer: This Article contains absolute truths of what is happening in Mozambique, plagued by natural disasters and military violence in the north of the country, where thousands of people are being slaughtered (often murdered in cold blood) abducted children and women and those who escape from violence live moments of terror and are on the run, in reality Mozambique in the north has more than 2,000 registered deaths, more than 60,000 refugees and a humanitarian emergency is practically necessary. I am a Bitcoin Cash ambassador in Mozambique and being indifferent to this horrible situation would be something that I cannot do, although I am not at the scene of the events I feel that it is necessary to help my people, so any tips I get in this article they will go to the campaign to help Cabo Delgado, who are suffering from the atrocities of terrorism, who have no respect for the defenseless population living in this Province.

I took more than 3 days to write this article because I couldn't deal with what I was seeing on my computer screen, I was already aware of the atrocities that are happening in Cabo Delgado, in the north of Mozambique, but until the 8th of April, I still didn’t have a direct view of what’s really happening on the ground. While the rest of the country celebrated the day of the Mozambican woman that took place and occurs every 7th of April, yet another attack was carried out in Cabo Delgado proper in the district of Palma, where another 50,000 people became refugees and another number ( with less luck) was killed. The other 1,000 fled Palma and traveled more than 400 kilometers to escape the fury of the terrorists. I am not a counter intelligent agent and surely I can't say who these same terrorists are, there are those who claim that this is an Islamic faction_ Al-Shabab, others speak of ISIS, yet others say that it is a force contracted to expel the people from this region rich in Gas and Ruby (Mozambique has one of the largest ruby ​​reserves in the world) by the dominant fraction of the ruling Party in order to appropriate them.

This is an extract of the terrorists, unknown until now but with many theories

Honestly, who they are doesn't interest me, but what they do to the people does interest me a lot because this same people today beheaded, marginalized, suffering the worst nightmares since the end of the civil war in 1992 is the same called the polls to vote and elect the same leaders who must protect and ensure that they do not suffer, either physically, psychologically or even from hunger.

But what is really happening in northern Mozambique

The events begins in 2015, when groups of people come from the Horn of Africa, mainly from the regions of Kenya, Somalia and the Great Lakes. You are migrating to the interior of the province of Cabo Delgado was ensured by the trafficking of people with the intention of working in the country, but as they found a border very little manned these same drug lords and contraband preferred to maintain their base in this highly dispersed province. They began to negotiate directly with the populations, mostly corrupt officials charged with the responsibility of ivory, natural gas, wood and other goods prevalent in the region.

In the first phase, it was only trafficking in the region, but with the expansion of government projects that had already discovered huge reserves of natural gas and ruby ​​mines, these same bosses felt the threat of large corporations to arrive and ruin their illicit businesses and started to engender sporadic attacks in the region. It is to be assumed that these same attacks in the first phase were to scare away the multinationals and also to ensure that their business prospered. But these corporations are not letting themselves be threatened, recruiting for their safety mercenaries who had the task of protecting their fields of wealth.

These Terrorists, seeing that their ambitions were not considered, began to terrorize the defenseless populations. It was when in 2017 these attacks started to have more frequency and gaining more weight in the area. Men, women and children were slaughtered as a tactic to terrorize the people in order to leave the dominion zones and ensure that these same bosses continued with their business since they were unable to expel the big companies of exploration of natural gas and ruby ​​mines.

This guerrilla organized by these groups has already caused Mosques, houses and villages to be destroyed, people killed and displaced more than 430 thousand people since it started almost 3 years ago.

The Armed Forces' Late Response

Mozambican Army, they do the best to kick out the terrorists

Mozambique is a peaceful country and has always fought to keep it that way, and it must be one of the reasons for the late response of the armed forces in the fight against terrorism in the north of the country. The north coast is quite vast and its problematic control is widely used by smugglers and traffickers with connivance, it is clear that certain people linked to the public power, making sure that in the beginning the security forces (Police and Military) did not take the matter with them. the weight it really deserves and while it was happening, these same bosses of terrorist groups were recruiting young people with promises of "a better life" and well-paid salaries, making strategic alliances to ensure that their intentions are fulfilled.

Terrorists today are very strong and control several areas in the province, jeopardizing peace, sovereignty and increasing the level of bad life of the people of this region and the armed and security forces are finding it increasingly difficult to retake certain conquered areas. The army has been working hard to ensure that the people are safe and do not lose their homes anymore, but the situation is very tense and the ground conquered by the insurgents is growing, putting at risk not only Mozambique, but also Tanzania and more interland countries as Mozambique is a development corridor that supports several countries that do not have a port by feeding them with food supplements, utensils, computer equipment, vehicles, fuel and other important tools necessary for these countries to function.

The government's response

We can assume that the state had a delay in sending forces to the ground, but with the escalation of violence, the executive did not measure labor and sent a contingent to fight terrorists. This task has not been easy as the drug and smuggling bosses (allegedly belonging to factions linked to Al-qaeda) terrorize and recruit young people in the mosques and have used the iron fist to control them, promoting massacres of people beheading their heads. as a weapon to frighten and expel those who do not want to be part of their rebel group.

The government has also hired mercenaries, rumors say, and they are coming from Russia, South Africa, the United States to help the armed forces, but it has not been easy to recover the dominant sites by the group a lot because they also have some support from young people who are also dissatisfied with government policies and want greater inclusion in the division of the country's wealth.

Atrocities committed by insurgents

In a local narration, voices say that the terrorists occupy soccer fields and promote summary executions, kidnap women and children and mutilate the bodies of those who do not accept to join their small large army. They also promote mass beheadings, and over the three years they have massacred more than 2,000 people, caused displacement of more than 400,000 people.

Recently (April 8, 2021), the group caused panic in Palma, Cabo Delgado, they were bold this time and attacked the area that shelters most of the displaced in the province, they vehemently attacked that the entire population had to flee, others were killed , the survivors had to cover more than 400 km in order to protect themselves. The armed forces were taken by surprise and an additional 50,000 displaced people increased the number of people in crisis in the province.

Consequences of terrorist attacks

  • More than 430 thousand displaced people

  • Destroyed houses, villages

  • Kidnapped women and children

  • More than 350 thousand people on the verge of a hunger crisis with the intense repercussion of the attacks

  • The north of the country is unstable and endangers the entire southern part of Africa

  • Millions of investments canceled because of instability

  • An imminent war in the air

  • Food insecurity increases day after day, everything from clothes, food, water and basic survival goods is missing

  • Mass exodus to neighboring provinces like Nampula and the increase in human poverty

Solutions to the end of the conflict

I really believe that for the conflict to end, clarity is needed from the government and the world (the corporations that hold the right to use both natural gas and Ruby mines) before the people:

  • There is a lot of bad information, the state cannot hide what is happening just so the people can unite and denounce who is behind these criminal organizations.

  • Not only, the security and defense forces must stop intimidating and use violence to obtain information, they must be pacifist, patient and be better prepared in tactical technical terms to face these and more threats that can shake the Mozambican soil.

  • It is important that the people do not remain in the dark about what is happening on the ground, the media must be more open and only then will reliable information be essential to dismantle and put an end to terrorists

What I expect from the Bitcoin Cash Community

Lets keep it up and put our efforts together to put some smiles on face 😎

As ambassador of Bitcoin Cash in Mozambique, I could not be unaware of this humanitarian and economic crisis that is plaguing my country, the storms and COVID-19, which has carried out various measures inherent to mass non-contamination, are no longer enough, restrictions, mandatory curfews, closed borders and much more (measures that directly affect my way of life) now we also have to deal with terrorists who are unbalancing the entire system and making the life of the Mozambican even more expensive, killing, stealing and terrorizing the defenseless people.

As I mentioned at the beginning of it all tips in this article I will channel a support group to Cabo Delgado and try to give some smile to these people who suffer so much, sharing is taking care so that others can also do the same. Humanitarian organizations, such as the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP) are not making efforts to help victims and displaced people in Cabo Delgado, but we are certainly unable to satisfy everyone so we are all called to contribute to the cause and try to minimize the suffering of these children and women (those most affected by wars) and give a breath of hope ... Mozambique THANKS YOU🙏.



Or you can find a campaign opened just with the purpose to help this souls, it's voluntarily so don't feel pressured to donate🙏

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Written by   638
1 month ago
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You did great telling us about this. This war is not covered in media and Africa must not be forgotten. We have to care for our fellow human and not allow evil to thrive.

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3 weeks ago

It's like fashion hide conflits in Africa, many people didn't know about this issue but I am glad to be here to tell fellow BCH companions about and find help to my people, thanks for passing by 🙏

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3 weeks ago

This is terrible, but thank you for writing about it. The truth must be known.

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1 month ago

This is a great truth but here in Mozambique many do not tell the truth for fear of reprisals on the part of both the government and the media, they overshadow the truth and only take it away when it benefits them, I do not like this but in the future I can still be censored around here but wanna know i don't care and thanks for the contribution

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1 month ago

Man, i stand with Mozambique. Your struggle about Mozambique is appreciated. You inform about the conditions of Mozambique and i will do our best.

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3 weeks ago

It's my pleasure to let the community knows about this struggle, thanks for your words of support

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3 weeks ago

Hey!alberd You are wonderfull Please guide me too To become like you Can you please give your 2,3 minutes to my articles and make me correct dear I will be very greatfull to you my dear😍

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4 weeks ago

Man, I stand with Mozambique and all of the people suffering there. The internet was made for stuff like this, and crypto was as well. You do well in telling us about the struggles over there. I'm Portuguese, so I have lots of connections to Mozambique, had no idea it was this bad. Cheers

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1 month ago

Thanks for your support, yes here things are very bad in the north where terrorists are hurting people, in the south we are in curfew due to COVID-19 in the center we have another incidents such as conflicts with RENAMO 😥 but we are fighters and survivers things will be better.

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1 month ago

This is shocking...but........ Thanks for ur articles. I read it

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1 month ago