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People need food, freedom and Bitcoin Cash

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Written by   729
2 months ago

It is with great sadness that I daily notice that the world is in a morphological phase, where interest in human life is decreasing, leading many times to think that if continues the collapse of humanity it is imminent. A lot is strange to my eyes and I honestly cannot understand many times, even questioning my sanity.

Since March 2020 when COVID-19 was officially enacted in Mozambique, the country has practically stopped, people have lost jobs, companies have closed and life has become dire. Government propaganda is somewhat orthodox 'stay at home' wear masks in public places and buy alcohol and gel for effective protection against the transmission of the disease.

... oh yes, all these means of protection are even being followed, with difficulties but this is to follow because there is still a relatively favorable obedience, but the difficulties are extreme.

With everything closed the pocket already starts to tighten too much

Everything is closed or semi open, there is no way for the majority to survive except through informal businesses, which are often forbidden because they influence the community transmission of the virus and increase the spread on a large scale. The demand for subsistence at this time is greater and those people who stayed at home are already flocking to the points of business en masse, there is no money and hunger begins to tighten. While politics asks the people to obey this, they can no longer stand their stay at home and want to put food on the table or hunger 'ends up killing'.

The allowance that does not arrive

Pandemic time requires help and so the state has to provide the same, but this does not reach the majority of the people and it has eyes for those who should serve and if these same 'eyes' do not see it will take time to receive the said value or goods sponsored by government agencies. While this does not arrive at how the people will live, it depends on the qualifications of each one and since most of them are often unemployed, the situation is very worrying.

Some reliefs in society

After a long time in restrictions and lockdowns certain organs of the economy began to reopen and reliefs began to emerge, but there is still a lot to be done, as jobs remain closed and the catering industries (the most popular and the most revenue-generating) they remain without endorsement and will only be so when the stability in the transmissions is in fact assured and the danger of mass reinfection is ruled out.

The Vaccination Promise

This promise of vaccines is still in its embryonic stage and many will pass 2021 without even seeing the shadow of one of them, as the state has reserved them for a certain number of people and with priority in making them. The elderly, diabetics and people connected to the health machine will have priority at this stage and the other part will be for the next shipment.

Funny that the active people of the country (those who work and need to be immunized) were sent to the last place, but ready priorities are priorities who dare to discuss the same ones - I am not, but I can leave my opinion:

It is funny that the country ordered more vaccines than food for the people, leading me to ask: will someone who is hungry go away from making their money to go to a medical station to get the vaccine ?!

... of course not, first they want food, then they will think about getting vaccines, but whoever made the priority table forgot to order food. A hungry body if it gets vaccine can have crazy side effects of it and end up with serious problems.

Is the people free to decide whether or not to take the vaccine

At least not here. Everyone has to take it, except people who are really sick, allergic or other dramatic combinations that do not allow the individual to take the dosage. But, all active and in good health must take the same and 'stop the community transmission' of the disease. At least, that's what they say, but in reality, that's not how it was conceived.

... here no one is free to decide, or takes or takes, and the right to freedom of decision is again denied.

I believe that everyone has the right to choose whether they choose to take the same decision or not, it is a decision that belongs to the citizen, not the government machine 'every man has the right to enjoy his freedom' as this will be a significant part and his contribution for the same effective.

Liberty and Bitcoin Cash

Today is the day of freedom of the press and many times this right is not accepted by those who approved it, but it has been used with some caution fearing reprisals. A lot of information is taken with care so as not to hurt sensitivities, I am not only a journalist and do not deal with traditional media, but these do not disclose the total veracity of the facts.

Freedom of speech is not what the word says, I notice that even the incidents that happen in the north of Mozambique are not clearly and widely publicized as there is a lot that 'shouldn't come out' with COVID-19 also a lot is not said and this same freedom of expression does not work, it does work on paper but in practice nothing is done.

I am free because I am not governed by the rules of my own state in financial terms, because one thing I have always loved was having my own destiny. I am the same bank and I move my own money in a decentralized way and I pay very little with it.

The ordinary worker does not have that freedom, the ordinary citizen does not have that freedom because they still depend on the state and the latter controls with all fist the society and does not tolerate freedom that jeopardizes their authority.

On Saturday the International Workers' Day was celebrated, but they forgot to ask on the same day if these same workers are free to decide, they do not have the right, for example, to join the Worker's organization and when the employer finds out they can send you away and hire another one.

I am blessed, because my life is not around this and I pay my bills using Bitcoin Cash, many times in the past I had to make a short trip just to have a place to exchange in Fiat to be able to use it but I never gave up because I knew that if I wanted to get out of government control, I had to have a source of income that they couldn’t control and possibly manipulate me.

Final considerations

There is a lot going on in my country that is not really talked about openly as many PEOPLE fear reprisals and do not want to risk their lives and that of their families for causes that they know are important but fear speaks louder. COVID-19 has come to do considerable damage, the common worker is unable to support his family, many of them have lost their livelihood and today they are wandering in the informal sector just to survive.

Freedom of the press and expression were taken away a long time ago, everything that goes on air was censored so as not to hurt sensitivities and cause damage to the image of certain figures.

I am lucky and whenever possible I push more people to join freedom, Bitcoin Cash, this is my freedom, one that I can manage my financial life and only exchange what I really need to pay for my bills but the majority still feel the hammer's weight on their backs and are hostage of this system.

... I will always strive to free my countrymen from these bonds that are around their lives and introduce Bitcoin Cash into their lives.

Decentralization is the source of man's freedom.

** Article dedicated to the thousands of men who tirelessly turn on the machines of industries every day and also serve as an anchor for the dissemination of information in the world: Workers and Journalists from all over the world, continue with your life to fight for your rights.

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Written by   729
2 months ago
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I like your thoughts. We have to decide our future ourselves, but we always manage to do it. In my country, people are being forced to vaccinate. But this does not always have a positive result!

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2 months ago

PEOPLE fear reprisals and do not want to risk their lives and that of their families for causes that they know are important but fear speaks louder.

Truth. My hope is that the spread of permissionless money and information through the internet can bring balance so that the people have more power and less fear.

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2 months ago

This is something that I keep to spread in my community, freedom can only be reached with permissionless money and right information this are the keys to break this barrier.

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2 months ago

That is reality BCH prove a bestie in COVID-19 tenure . We are earning passive income from read cash and Noice Cash. Yeah now we only want to make more and more money and wanna play with BCH. This is very productive way we are under lockdown but we are earning this is very interesting story.

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2 months ago

Thanks for passing by 🙏 i really appreciate your feedback and support

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2 months ago

My pleasure . Keep doing well. Know you very well you are keen of BCH and always posting on Noice Cash about new updates i always find new and interesting point from your each post. And i was shocked that you are here working like pro. Keep writing so that we get chance to improve ourselves from your article and experiences

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2 months ago

okay you are absolutely right, in this pandemic our government cannot provide allowance. So through bitcoin cash I can handle my family and fulfil my daily needs.

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2 months ago