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Merchandise for Bitcoin cash: a dream that may become true

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2 years ago

Update: the campaign comes to an end and it was funded only 0.02645 BCH for a goal of 5 BCH. This isn't the end of the project and soon I will launch another one with the same purpose, I won't give up to make my project come to life, thanks to all who anonymously donated and am glad that some of them have seen the purpose of it🙏. Stay in touch.

Pandemic times have been pretty thought, also destroyed some enterprises on mind for many and particular for me. I have been planning to build a Bitcoin Cash business for a while here in my location but due to COVID-19 I had to postpone it, restrictions have killed ambitions, which didn't stopped me to onboard more and more ideas to spread the usage and adoption (at least for 4,000 people who live on my little town, which is 17 km to my capital city, Maputo) of Bitcoin Cash.

First plan is to build my own physical store where clients could buy merchandise (with Bitcoin cash or fiat), they will have the pleasure to learn more about Bitcoin Cash and first goal will be to teach the ones who doesn't know much about Bitcoin Cash to learn more about it, they will learn to download and install (at first) and funded with $1 to test it.

My plan is to share $1 worth in Bitcoin Cash for every customer who is willing to buy a merchandise after download and install wallet

It's a challenge to me and I am willing to accept it. Besides being a conventional store it will be also a place to talk, share and learn more about Bitcoin Cash. In my location I have plenty of young men and women who have little or none knowledge about crypto or even know about Bitcoin Cash, with the Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash-Store, they will have a place to grow their knowledge about and get also Bitcoin Cash. It's really a wonderful concept to me and I have been involved in business since my teenage but this enterprise will be very challenging, it's innovative and unique where I am, surely will grab attention and grow much than I think.

It's important to note that every young in here have an Android device and are willing to get themselves involved with something big and I believe Bitcoin Cash is big and going to be even bigger and all hands are welcomed to spread it across the globe.

Check my campaign in here.

Oh I almost forget about to tell where I am from...

Well, I am from Mozambique in a zone called Austral- Africa which make borders at north with the Republic of South Africa, in fact I lived there almost 10 years when I decided to go back to my country to disseminate the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies and help my fellow citizens to learn more about it. The plan was doing great and I was spreading the benefits to hold Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, when the country like many more in the world were hit with COVID-19. At that time everything started to go down, business went from bad to worse with the government lockdown "theory" my country like stopped! Nothing is going great and only this last weeks it showing some changes after the government shift some restrictions to it.

The Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash-store will be a great place to hang out and with the caps, t-shirts, shorts and much more help to spread the word about Bitcoin Cash. For every stamp on those will create curiosity which will bring more people to buy them and learn how to download and install a wallet. In my country is easy to open and register a business and Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash-store will be a widely known brand in here, which is good to promote and scale it to another levels.

There are the gorgeous things that could be found on the store (sample but I wish to make them really 🤑).

Check out my fund.cashme campaign here.

I hope this store can fly and get supporters who believe in the project isn't something big but I will put some big efforts to make it happen, of course the year is just on the end, with Christmas around the business could be run effectively on Q.1 of 2021, I already have a few bucks to start with it but still need some funding on it so check out my fund.cashme campaign to give your support, I really appreciate it!

What the Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash-store will offer?!

  • Place to buy merchandise, learn to use BCH, download and install wallet

  • Spread the word about Bitcoin Cash with engaged people trained to teach about Bitcoin Cash (at first will start with me teaching them and then scale to another ones...) and with huge banner outside of the store with the BCH design on it.

  • Each shirt or another item with stamp of Bitcoin Cash will bring more people to Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash-store

  • Build a community of passionate people about Bitcoin Cash in Mozambique, starting in my location, then scale to other parts of the country.

  • Target to 1,000 community loyal Bitcoin Cash members in my location in the first 6-8 months of 2021.

With all hands on it we can make Bitcoin Cash even bigger and worldwide known, show your support invest on Bitcoin Cash and believe on it, after all is the original Bitcoin with lower fees, great community backing it, decentralized and an asset for everyone.

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Written by   1075
2 years ago
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I love seeing someone from Mozambique spreading the education about Bitcoin Cash! Success never comes right away, but rewards those who persist. You have the right attitude!

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2 years ago

Thanks i really appreciate your feedback and support🙏 i really love #BCH and if I can take this to my people and make them aware about the currency it will be mission accomplished, I won't stop that and in future I will have the first center where people can learn, pay, buy and receive remittance in Mozambique in fact the "first one" in the country. The Merchandise for Bitcoin Cash_store didn't get funded completely but I won't give up and I opened another one with same purpose and I believe it will go through this time. Thanks for the tips by the way🙏

"Bitcoin Cash must go even to places where can't be imagine, the future is bright"

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2 years ago

I am postin since a weak but rendomreward does not give me any tip.

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2 years ago

wow nice t-shirt

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2 years ago

Best wishes, for success. Sent a small amount, from the earnings from here.

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2 years ago

Man I appreciate your support I will use them in the best way I can, I hope in the Q1 of 2021 everything will be just all right to start the business.

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2 years ago