May 15th is almost here! Get ready to experience the full potential of CashTokens on BCH

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7 months ago

Reading the title of the article, the reader may think that what follows is a monologue explaining what will actually happen, using jargon to explain complicated terms such as what CashTokens are and how they will revolutionize the Bitcoin Cash space. I'm sorry to disappoint, but I won't be speaking in technical terms or explaining word-for-word what will happen in May, as I believe those who are following the space know that the introduction of the aforementioned CashTokens will take place.

The explanation of CashTokens can be found on the website. What I can reveal is that it will be a new and revolutionary environment that will make Bitcoin Cash even more attractive with the introduction of two types of tokens: fungible and non-fungible, which will allow decentralized finance to be deployed on the network. Of course, it may seem like "bla bla bla" to those who don't yet understand, but time will be a good teacher to delve deeper into the subject.

For now, the great teacher in this matter is bitjson, the man behind this innovation. There are many others who understand what it's about but speak in technical language full of jargon and complicated terms that are difficult for a layperson to understand. As I said, time will be a great ally, and, as with SmartBCH, people will integrate easily and quickly within the CashTokens ecosystem.

May 15th will be a day of celebration, and the subsequent days will be ones of understanding and integration into the ecosystem, where many, such as developers, builders, and investors, will take advantage of the space to produce, invest, and benefit from it. Everything is being carefully planned so that nothing goes wrong, and wallets have long been in the testing phase to accommodate the new upgrade.

So, what to expect? Well, time is counting down, and soon it will be the big day on May 15th. The community is eager to participate in the implementation of the upgrade, developers are preparing projects to engage the community, and investors are preparing capital to put it into operation.

However, it is necessary to continue spreading the word far and wide so that a majority of people, investors, and even institutions are aware of the upgrade and how they can benefit from it.

For those who were present during the implementation of SmartBCH, the Bitcoin Cash side-chain, they may have noticed that the ecosystem started without much fanfare or marketing, which, in my opinion, is not functional. After all, those who wish to use or build on CashTokens need to have advance knowledge of the protocol and only then can they track the market. Those who say that CashTokens does not need marketing are mistaken because everything in the business world needs to be announced and cause a stir on social media and article-sharing platforms.

There is no such thing as bad publicity, and everything works to promote a project. However, it is important to exercise moderation when community members get into small skirmishes on Twitter, for example, to demonstrate that Bitcoin Cash works! Distinguished members, Bitcoin Cash works, and the vast majority knows it, they just chose to ignore it. They are there to make money and nothing else. It is possible to straighten a small tree, but it is a nearly impossible task with a large one because the roots are already embedded in the ground. We should look for others to onboard, as there are still billions of people who do not know or understand Bitcoin Cash.

Of course, not everyone will agree, obviously. After all, not everyone thinks the same way, and if they did, we would all be robots. During the many years I have been in the community, I have seen very little marketing being done about Bitcoin Cash, and I hope that the same does not happen with CashTokens. The world needs to know what CashTokens and DeFi on Bitcoin Cash are.

Another important aspect is that community members, especially the more affluent ones, value in-house content creators, invest more in them, and appreciate the work they are doing since they are the ones who spread the word about Bitcoin Cash and now CashTokens. As mentioned before, there is no bad publicity and any publicity will help make the name of Bitcoin Cash known, as long as it is done correctly and without spam or other unethical tactics, after all, the currency is here to stay.

Recently, I was surprised when I posted an article in a Reddit group and realized that the article had been removed because it contained a link from According to the message I received as a reason, the platform was categorized as one where content creators only publish to make money and used a derogatory term, "farming tips". It's funny because no longer pays anything and even if it still did, what's wrong with paying content creators who produce good material? Even Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."

Content creators live off what they produce, and platforms live off the audience they bring. Furthermore, no longer pays anything, and there is no way to do the so-called "farming tips." And even if it did pay, I don't see anything wrong with it. After all, it was created with that intention: to pay the best creators on the platform, and the Random Rewarder Bot had established parameters for that.

I feel a deep anguish inside because was one of the pioneers in popularizing Bitcoin Cash, and the people who sponsored the fund wanted nothing more than to elevate the name of Bitcoin Cash in the world. Of course, with the emergence of AI, many creators began to deceive the old RRB, but these are the challenges of the modern era, tools that create things and even seem smarter than humans due to the amount of information they possess.

Anyway, I don't see a reason to blacklist, especially not because of people who claim to be part of the Bitcoin Cash community. Don't do that!

I don't want to stir up controversy, but resilient communities aren't built by omitting or destroying others that are much older and have the same purpose of promoting Bitcoin Cash. Divisionism must disappear, and the focus should be on creating a stronger Bitcoin Cash community. Additionally, stop giving money to outsiders, people who come into the community with the intention of deceiving and taking BCH through Flipstarters that only end in promises and never deliver what they promised.

If the fund that many people took and didn't deliver on promises was used to promote Bitcoin Cash through a foundation or marketing group, many things would certainly be well advanced. As I mentioned above, bet on people from the House, people with a track record.

I liked, for example, when the Bitcoin Cash Podcast Flipstarter was funded in less than 24 hours. For me, as a content creator, it's a milestone because most, 90% of Flipstarters, only have a one destination: in existing funded projects or need to receive another funding, or those that use tricks.

Don't trust, verify!

It is necessary to invest in more Flipstarters that are not the same projects, to sponsor people with a future and a history in the community, and sincerely not to waste money on people who promise but deep down we know they will not deliver what they sing. Anyway, I could end a year here, but the essence remains.

Therefore, let's make the CashTokens party on May 15th a reality and let the world know that using Bitcoin Cash is possible to implement decentralized finance and create businesses never seen before, using a technology that scales easily and even with network congestion, transaction fees will not increase! Don't feel embarrassed about the article, I know what I said is not a lie, and that's enough for me. I have been a member of the community for over four years and don't need to prove anything else.

I have produced over 600 articles promoting Bitcoin Cash during that time, and 95% of them were all about it. I have been very well rewarded during that time and feel at home here, so I get upset when things go off track, and no one talks about them; we always sweep them under the rug.

Therefore, I have seen a lot, and I have even been called a scammer, beggar, and other names that I don't remember now, and the funniest thing is, by people who have never promoted or done anything for Bitcoin Cash. Those who sit on the fence, it's their job; what we, true Bitcoin Cash content creators, should do is ignore them. Most of them are no longer in the community, and I continue to stay here, solid as a rock.

CashTokens will be a technological innovation never seen before in the Bitcoin Cash DeFi space, and Bitcoin Cash will increase its tracking even more, beyond being a payment currency for consumer goods and other things; it will also be the fuel that will power an ecosystem that the world has yet to discover and witness.

Those who are here will see it!"

Remember that the word "impossible" was only created to be challenged. Cashtokens can challenge the existing decentralized finance ecosystem and have the potential to secure its share in the market. Believe it, nothing is impossible.

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So I guess it goes like this, SLP, CashTokens, and EVM sidechain, that is a good development in my opinion.

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