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Living big, only spending BCH for 69-days in the Bitcoin Cash City

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3 months ago

A magnificent story of Jonathan Silverblood , a programmer and Bitcoin Cash lover who decided to venture to Australia in Townsville (Bitcoin Cash City) with his family for 69 days just spending Bitcoin Cash around the town. An adventure that proved once again that it is possible to live in the Bitcoin Cash City just using Bitcoin Cash.

Jonathan had already been in Townsville for the Bitcoin Cash Conference in 2019 and he was excited by the proportion of businesses that accept Bitcoin Cash at the time, but this time taking his family with him. Silverblood is a native of Finland (colder) and living two months in another place with a different temperature (more hotter) than at the origin and using mostly Bitcoin Cash must have been a great adventure for him and beyond! It was certainly a big milestone for the companions and also for the Bitcoin Cash community as the visit to Bitcoin Cash City proved that it is possible to live just by spending Bitcoin Cash for goods and services.

Obviously, not all local businesses accept Bitcoin Cash but in a considerably reduced number as many merchants in the restaurant, hotel, supermarket and other areas accept Bitcoin Cash for payments on their goods.

Silverblood had a story about him in the daily crypto news cointelegraph , which shows how his experience was quite enlightening on how anyone who has Bitcoin Cash can live peacefully in Bitcoin Cash City. As a programmer and working for one of the finest companies building on top of the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain, General Protocols , Jonathan receives a salary in Bitcoin Cash and makes sense for him to use the cryptocurrency to make payments and other types of transactions using the currency.

This adventure through the place where Bitcoin Cash is most used for daily transactions such as in Townsville, is a great note for a part of the Bitcoin Cash community and others, who still needed to understand and know that it is possible to spend more than two months only using Bitcoin Cash for payments for services and products in a consistent and dynamic way giving practical usability to Bitcoin Cash in exchange for services or payments for essential products for man.

This practical usability experience of Bitcoin Cash was already news brought by an influential member of the Bitcoin Cash community, BitcoinJason who lives and work in Bitcoin Cash City, who continues to contribute to the expansion and recruitment of many more establishments/businesses, people and an entire infrastructure to accept Bitcoin Cash on their endeavors. Jason was also with Jonathan Silverblood where I believe he helped to shed light on active sites where can use Bitcoin Cash in Townsville.

Jonathan 's adventure is not over, for despite returning to his homeland, he will attend the St. Kitts and Nevis where he will be one of the key figures on the panel of speakers.

St Kitts and Nevis is nowadays a place for Bitcoin Cash where it is also possible to live using the cryptocurrency on daily basis. There are merchants, ATMs, hotels, taxi companies, local investment and even employees being paid in Bitcoin Cash on the islands. St Kitts and Nevis is now a haven for all Bitcoin Cash holders who do not crave using physical cash to transact on a day-to-day basis and this will be noticed at the Conference to be held shortly this month on the island territory.

Silverblood had the intention when he traveled to Bitcoin Cash City to use Bitcoin Cash in every transaction in the territory and he succeeded! He was successful and the world today observes and follows that it is possible to use Bitcoin Cash to make payments as well as other types of transactions. The currency is practical for e-commerce, it charges low fees, doesn't have to wait for confirmations, borderless and gives a sense of ownership to those who hold it, making it their own bank. Surely many more people will want to travel to Townsville to make use of Bitcoin Cash and Jonathan Silverblood will have been one of the great Influencers to make this happen, after all it is not easy to live only using cryptocurrencies and in a territory completely far from home, but he managed to !

Bitcoin Cash works.

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Written by   1075
3 months ago
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