Gabriel, from channel in YouTube is selling his BMW Z4 to BaG more Bitcoin cash

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Update: Gabriel won't sell anymore his car. He decided it after one more time it saved him for an accident all details can be found on his channel.


I'm sure many here have heard of the YouTube channel, the channel of the man who once wanted to buy 111 Teslas if Elon Musk decided to accept Bitcoin Cash for his electric model 3 vehicles . Well, that didn't happen, but that never demotivated Gabriel and every day he goes on touting about Bitcoin Cash and how much the currency is quite undervalued.

He has already, for example, predicted that Bitcoin Cash will increase by more than 1000 times in about seven years from now. Of course, a lot of skeptical people don't believe and think that the man is completely out of his mind, but oddly enough I believe what he says. After all, the protagonist of the channel is not in this market for nothing, he has been a professional trader for over 20 years and, believe me, he has seen a lot happening in the cryptocurrency market.

Returning to the topic of the article

In the crypto world what a lot of people do is buy assets that will appreciate quickly and with that make profits to buy material things among them, Lamborghinis, big mansions, have a luxurious life while others instead of doing that they increase their assets of investment using the profit generated.

This is the case of Gabriel, who recently asked the Bitcoin Cash community to help him decide whether to sell his BMW Z4 and with the money generated from the sale increase his Bitcoin Cash portfolio. As expected, the community responded positively and almost over 80% agreed that it was a good idea to 'put the vehicle up for sale' and use the money to buy more Bitcoin Cash.

There are people thinking at the moment "but now, how is he going to move selling his German machine🤔" - well, Gabriel also has an electric BMW that at the moment he can use to move if he needs to, and not only can also use means of transportation such as Uber, taxis but what he will not fail to do is sell his BMW Z4 to further maximize his investment in Bitcoin Cash.

He also told the community that ordered another EV and soon will let the community knows what will be his next machine.


But why invest more in Bitcoin Cash

Because he believes in the potential of Bitcoin Cash.

A clear, straightforward and simple answer. For those who constantly follow the channel of the '111 Teslas man and future Bitcoin Cash millionaires' channel, you may have already noticed that when Gabriel speaks he has conviction in what he says, and knows what Bitcoin Cash currency is capable of in the market. All his videos have a certain tone that Bitcoin Cash is the best payment method the crypto world has had to date and he has the means to prove it.

To get an idea, a few days ago someone confronted him in one of his videos and made a comment despising Gabriel and saying that he "doesn't understand anything about the Lightning network and that the Bitcoin Cash he trusts so much shouldn't even exist". The day after the comment, he proposed a little challenge on his YouTube channel, in which he asked the community to try to send $0.01 cents using a BTC lightning network wallet and also try to send $0.01 using the Bitcoin Cash network.

Twenty-four hours later you know what the result was:

  • Only three transactions were registered in the lightning network wallet that he publicly ceded to the challenge, in contrast, more than 300 transactions were verified in the Bitcoin Cash wallet totaling over $60 AUD.

'This video challenge response was his best one in 24 hours he got enormous feedback to it, proving that Bitcoin Cash community is highly following his work and also his channel'.

In short, Bitcoin Cash works and there is no complication using the network, if someone knows how to send a simple message, they might as well use the decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash payments network, not like the lightning network which is complicated, semi -centralized is not user friendly and practically does not pay effectively.

'I was forgetting, to add more to his thesis in defense of Bitcoin Cash as the best solution for decentralized payments, there was a ridiculous situation in one of his lightning network wallets that Gabriel downloaded to carry out the challenge. In that wallet he had to invoice and request payment of $0.01 which he made and transactions going to that wallet failed, so to speak since the wallet only had one transaction and it blatantly failed.

Gabriel believes, and with that strength in him he knows what he's getting into and he knows he won't regret investing more in the purchase of Bitcoin Cash.


Bitcoin Cash is not just any currency, it is also an affordable and highly secure effective payment method. Using Bitcoin Cash payments can be made internally or even externally and fees will always remain low.

Gabriel understands this and much more, if he didn't understand it for sure he would bet everything on other decentralized currencies, but no, he chose Bitcoin Cash because he knows its potential in the long run. While many coins have no use in real life and are mostly speculative instruments, Bitcoin Cash has use in everyday life. In many parts of the world it is used to pay for basic necessities, pay for a taxi and buy other miscellaneous items.

Bitcoin Cash City in North Queensland Australia is an example in infrastructure and businesses that accept Bitcoin Cash for almost everything. More parts of the world are day by day increasing their network of merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash and this can be seen on the map of website, where daily businesses are being added all over the world that accept to receive Bitcoin Cash for their products.

While some take profits to buy Lamborghinis, others invest in coins that they can use in the future to acquire more goods and also make donations, enjoy some good things in life, invest in more businesses. But today they prefer to invest more in Bitcoin Cash as it has a very promising future, this, my friends, is Gabriel's case.

'Bitcoin Cash works it's time to lock your position and bad moreb.

Disclaimer: The video on the article belongs to channel, header image from my authority build using tools

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