Chaintip Bot: A superb Way to Tip and Reward Content Creators On Reddit, Twitter and GitHub

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On-Chain Tipping never been so easy! With the rise of cryptocurrency, it's becoming easier to send and receive payments without having to rely on intermediaries. On-chain tipping, with Chaintip is a great example of this, allowing anyone to send small amounts of Bitcoin Cash as a tip or reward to other users. In this article, we'll explore what on-chain tipping is, how to use it, and why it's important.

What is On-Chain Tipping?

On-chain tipping refers to the process of sending small amounts of cryptocurrency directly to another user's wallet, without the need for a centralized platform. This allows for a more secure and decentralized way of tipping, as the user holds their own keys and has control over their funds.

One popular on-chain tipping platform is ChainTip, which allows users to send and receive tips in the form of Bitcoin Cash. ChainTip operates as a bot, and users can mention @chaintip on Reddit, Twitter or GitHub to call the bot and initiate a tip.

How to Send a Tip with ChainTip

Sending a tip with ChainTip is easy and straightforward. Here's how it works;


  1. Mention chaintip: To call the ChainTip bot, simply mention @chaintip on Reddit, Twitter or GitHub.

  2. Check your notifications: ChainTip will send you a private message with the address you need to send the Bitcoin Cash to.

  3. Send Bitcoin Cash: Use a mobile phone or another wallet to send Bitcoin Cash to the address provided.

Sending a Tip

  1. Make sure that you have funded Bitcoin Cash in your Chaintip bot wallet.

  2. Go to the comment section to reply to the person you desire to reward or tip, enter the username of the person you want to tip and the amount of BCH you want to send.

  3. Click the "reply" button to send the tip

  4. Wait for the transaction to confirm on the BCH network. This usually takes a few minutes.

Once the transaction is confirmed or not as BCH support 0-confir, the person you tipped will receive the BCH in their wallet.

Receiving a tip with ChainTip is just as easy. Here's how you can claim a tip:

  1. Receive a new private message: You'll receive a private message from ChainTip about some Bitcoin Cash you've received.

  2. Download a wallet: Download a Bitcoin Cash wallet to access your funds.

  3. Click "Receive" on your wallet: This will provide you with a receiving address.

  4. Reply with receiving address: Reply to the private message from ChainTip with your Bitcoin Cash receiving address.

Why Tip Bitcoin Cash on-Chain?

There are several reasons why you might choose to tip Bitcoin Cash on-chain:

  • Hold Your Own Keys: One of the biggest advantages of on-chain tipping is that users hold their own keys, which means they have control over their funds. This helps to reduce the risk of theft and provides a more secure way of sending and receiving tips.

  • Show the Miners Some appreciation: Tipping miners is a great way to show support for those who work to secure the network. By tipping Bitcoin Cash, you're helping to support the network and those who are investing their time and resources into it.

  • Encourage Wallet Use: When you tip someone with ChainTip, they need to download a wallet to claim their funds. This helps to increase the usage and adoption of Bitcoin Cash, and gives everyone the chance to see how it works in action.

Bottom line

On-chain tipping is a new way to show appreciation and support through cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin Cash. Chaintip is a bot that facilitates on-chain tipping on Reddit, Twitter and GitHub. To send a tip, users mention Chaintip and the bot will send you a private message with the address to send Bitcoin Cash to.

To claim a tip, the user need to have a Bitcoin Cash wallet and reply to Chaintip with their receiving address. On-chain tipping has several benefits, including increased security as the user hold their own keys, showing support for the miners who secure the network, and encouraging wallet use.

However, on-chain tipping does decrease usability compared to off-chain tipping bots. Chaintip is not currently open source, but the code will be open sourced in the future. If a tip is not claimed within a week, it is returned to the sender. Chaintip stores only the linked addresses and tipping history, and the maintainer is privacy conscious, promising not to sell or rent user data.

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