BCH is a Lifestyle: focusing on the Flipstarter platform!

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Three years ago when I got involved with Bitcoin Cash I finally realized that I had found my "home". This magnificent house showed me from an early stage that I was welcome and that it had a lot to offer.

I learned over time that the community is cohesive and that it cares about the well-being of its members. It is one of the most important blockchains in the field of funding using cryptocurrencies and, it is no coincidence that it contains platforms like Flipstarter that ensure that projects are better crowdfunded in a decentralized and dynamic way, making dreams and services to have necessary development.

Bitcoin Cash is a way of life, a lifestyle where devs who operate on the network seek to build tools that support members to depend less and less on the traditional world.

The traditional world often dictates the user of money to comply with the rules created to tame man, making them to strictly follow the regulations to, for example, use financing, which no longer happens when the user uses and lives in the Bitcoin Cash community. Traditional crowdfunding platforms are often governed by rules that at the first sign cut off user access to the system, leaving them with all of the money raised (using the TOS, and, or returning it to donors) at the expense of fundraisers.

This is inconceivable and the devs behind Bitcoin Cash have orchestrated an ingenious plan that catapults Bitcoin Cash's name as one of the blockchains that makes it possible for everyone to have equal and deserved funding, of course, if the project is audacious and contributes to visibility, functionality or even use case expansion of Bitcoin Cash.

What is the Flipstarter Platform

The crowdfunding platform Flipstarter is a tool that allows users to conduct fundraising for projects that matter to them or that contribute to the development of Bitcoin Cash.

It is a platform that totally depends on the community's willingness to donate Bitcoin Cash so that projects can develop, and projects that have as members people who are renowned in the community, who have verified suitability, are often funded. It is with Flipstarter that, for example, I conduct my Bitcoin Cash fundraising for my project to build my house using Bitcoin Cash , a work that will also be the center of the Bitcoin Cash Mozambique house.

To access the Flipstarter platform, simply access the website and follow all the steps involved in conducting a crowdfunding campaign.

The Flipstarter platform can also be accessed via mobile as the dev launched Interplanetary Flipstarter format that allows more people to access and enjoy it.

Easier crowdfunding using Bitcoin Cash

Flipstarter makes crowdfunding easier as it is a decentralized service that does not in any way secure the funds successfully raised by the campaign in Bitcoin Cash. It is a direct funding system and the ultimate goal is to ensure that projects with the potential to expand receive the recognition they deserve.

It is therefore necessary for potential donation recipients to keep in mind that regular detailed reports are important so that campaign supporters feel that the Bitcoin Cash given up is having an effect and that Bitcoin Cash is being used as requested by the author of the donation. project. It is here, for example, where the reputation factor in the community plays an important role as it allows potential donors not to make the mistake of supporting projects led by "mercenaries".

Mercenaries could be considered the ones who are only in the community with the intention of embezzling it and at first leave the community taking with him all the value in Bitcoin Cash raised to use in other networks/projects in which nothing benefit or even enhance the name of Bitcoin cash.

In short, Flipstarter is a very powerful tool that allows crowdfunding to be done in a decentralized, non-custodial way and that forwards all the value in Bitcoin Cash to the legitimate author of the project, thus helping to develop the same all financed using the Bitcoin Cash.

Epilogue : Bitcoin Cash is a lifestyle, to say that whoever is in the community uses Bitcoin Cash for payments for services or products. Bitcoin Cash user uses the currency daily to support the way of life he leads, and devs working on Blockchain create daily tools that make user's life easier.

One such example, in addition to Flipstarter, is the possibility of using Bitcoin Cash for on-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) using anyhedge and bchbull which make Bitcoin Cash more attractive and used more often to hedge or long the currency. Bitcoin Cash is money and whoever uses it as they do is participating in the decentralized and borderless economy of Bitcoin Cash.

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