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Paypal Enables Crypto Services For Eligible USA Users 

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11 months ago

Online payments giant @PayPal Opens #Crypto Floodgates, partnered with crypto brokerage Paxos to allow Millions of Eligible Account Holders in US 🇺🇸 to buy, sell and hold a number of cryptocurrencies including #Bitcoin @USATODAY ✌✌

@PayPal’s expanding #Crypto rollout pushes it further down the path toward meeting its goal to increase consumer understanding and adoption of crypto Paypal used by 346 million users worldwide to make international payments as it makes process speedy and straightforward #AKB 🇺🇸

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It sounds like paypal is now also an investment company, not just payment processer? What is the exchange margins on btc, 3% , 5%, other?

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11 months ago