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My Top Wax NFTs | Kucoin Dominators

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1 month ago

Well, i've been collecting NFTs for so long. But few days ago my account has blocked by RAMs problem. In the end no one actually help me out for my RAM problem. I've searched few of videos for my RAM problem solution. But in the end i've had problem with some nonsense problem with blockchain.


Well this platform is absolutely shit. Let me explain first -

I've seen few of videos they included about Kucoin transaction fees. They told in theirs video, Kucoin will cut up 10 wax per withdraw. Okk everything goes very smooth just like a cheesy peesy flying easy. I deposited about 2 dollars BCH. Which was about 0.00345949 BCH. And then the problems was starting -

There's no option for trading BCH to Wax directly. First you've to transfer your money into BTC. Then you can Trade BTC to wax. I mean you've gotta be kidding me. Wait a minute, there's also a twist. Even the trading has less fees😂

It's like beheading ourselves without thinking makes me worried a lot. I wanna talk the CEO of kucoin.

There's more, before starting another story of my hassles i would share my Top NFTs as well.

Floobies promotional

As you can see the details of this NFTs. I hope you like the upcoming one.

This one is very popular among NFTs world.

It sold about 7086 times. This is really insane!! Maximum price of this NFTs was 46.64 Wax or 13.54 Dollars.

The legend among legend. Billy Liddell
And this is the history behind that legend.
Forgot the name of this NFT.
Price are really getting so low. Maximum sold price were approximately 15 dollars. But not good at free NFTs collecting.

Dream minor token also so famous in NFTs world. First thing first is i don’t know the background about this NFTs.

All process are including in this NFTs. I would like to share those last information about my NFTs.

Well, this one also is too good. All NFTs are so cool. But the thing i don’t like in this platform is transaction fee and more.

As i'm demonstrating how those thing messed up so smoothly. Kucoin deposit fee was 30 wax which was approximately 10 dollars. In this free blockchain world, who would give 10 dollars per transaction?

I don’t know who's the person behind this wallet. I also wanna talk about Huboi global and bittrex. But i'm not in my mood. And yeah those were not my best NFTs at all. I only posted few of NFTs. I'll post for more later sometimes. Till the lemme share a magical screenshot too.

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Is there anyone who loves my post?

30 wax per withdrawal

It's high time to die xoxo. I think i've to leave this world very soon.

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Written by   22
1 month ago
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Such great knowledge.... am jelly about people like you.. good for you

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1 month ago

You have lots of NFTs. I have not visited my wax wallet for some time but I do participate in Twitter or Torum giveaways :) Geez, those withdrawal fee is costly! I used Binance to buy wax and the withdrawal fee was I think 2WAX.

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1 month ago

Wow that was really informative for me. I would search YouTube for that

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1 month ago