First Cattos, Then BCH Town and then Pixs RPG. What's Next?

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2 years ago

The way rugpull that is currently being increased in Smart BCH is really unimaginable. The future of smart BCH is very strong and reliable. If we get the sha-gate in May month , a lot of whales will enter. I will write another article on this particular topic today. If you open the gate, the whole smart BCH will be decentralized. So in today's article we will talk about scammed and scammers the mentioned projects of rugpull .

My lil bit experienced

I entered the smartbch world in August or September. Then after entering SmartBCH , I would buy a few dollar tokens and keep them.

And I thought if the price of token ever goes up, I will sell it. But in the end it would be seen that the price of a token would never go up but would go down further. Because SmartBCH tokens have a consistent relationship with price fluctuations. Liquidity also depends to a large extent on price fluctuations. Even then, I didn't know much about NFT.

At that time there were several types of NFT events. But I didn't know much about that. Law punk, poolside puffer, cashcats I knew more or less about these projects. But I couldn't make a step forward on mint. And now i realize that I missed something more precious than gold at that time.

The NFTs 3 projects that are currently running on Smart BCH or the gaming projects ongoing may change to gold after one year. So I would suggest a good one so you can easily get rich by investing in your BCH . SmartBCH 's sha gate opening is one of the biggest revolutions of Smart BCH .

Cattos Project

@ Rug0 was the admin of the project, he ran away with all the BCH . I only had one cattos NFT that I was able to sell at a later minted price. After buying with 0.006BCH, I sold with 0.01 BCH. I had the good fortune to get just a few cents from there.

Mortinp bought 400-500 nft. I'm wondering at what stage his condition is now. Even after minting 10000 nft, eating rugpull has shocked the smart BCH world. No one could have imagined that a completely complete project would be so rugpull. Since then, fear has crept into almost every human being, how can a perfectly minted project be rugged

This fear is still at work in every person at SmartBCH . If a perfectly minted project gets scammed then what will happen to the existing projects. This is the same question I have, no one can say when any project of smart BCH will get rug. They escaped 100BCH and our savings.

2. Bch town

Hearing the name, it seems that a big game will come at sBCH . But in the end it turned out to be one of the biggest scams. One thing I was able to guess at first was that there were no known people in their giveaway. And I can recognize almost all the people in readcash and noisecash. But I didn't see any people I knew there, and I wondered if they were really leading the rug pull.

They start their LP-Token Staking process. As a result, it is seen that different types of people start a lot of town token income by taking BCH stake. But no one was ever ready for what happened next. Suddenly one night their Twitter, Telegram and the website they were supposed to stack on have completely disappeared. After seeing it, lightning flashed in the sky. Because that night I had already saved the BCH to say I would make town token income. Luckily for me, I survived for a while.

As far as I know they got 95 BCH and fled away. Almost equal to cattos nft.

3. Pixs RPG

I personally promoted this gaming a lot. They showed everyone up to the demo of their game. But in the end no one else in Smart BCS had to wait for it to happen. The admin said that most of the people who were supposed to work here were Japanese / Chinese and the Japanese / Chinese people left here.

They started nft project with 0.05bch. Later they give everyone the opportunity to mint 0.0625 bch. I just made a nft mint from here and later I sold it at 0.06bch.

Launched their firm at Benswap. But even then, it was unthinkable that they would run away with the money. I heard that they fled to 75bch.

Honestly, I was shocked when I heard that Pixs RPG was scammed. Because I thought this project was going to be a great project.

In Conclusion :

Different types of projects are being scammed in different ways. There is a fear in everyone because many good projects are rugpull. Do you think smartbch can do anything really good or will it eat scam projects all the time? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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2 years ago


I'm not familiar with these NFTs huhu. As much as I wanted to learn, my mind is beimg preoccupied with a lot of things already that it's hard for me to learn about the NFT world.

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2 years ago

Yeah check out theirs tg too. You should have sell cattos with below mints price. Mortin was buying all cattos from nowhere

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2 years ago

I don't know Cattos is now a scam..i didn't even sell my nft yet 😅..

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2 years ago