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3 years ago

Literally bathing in the sea of ​​waste

Shredding one's own body

On the raging rivers, springs and creeks.

The water that was coming back was alive

Exhausted, exploded, killed

Humans are devouring mankind!

The land of Adam's race

Land is the golden grace of life

Land burial ground body.

Shaking the world, claiming tragedy

The cracks caused a crack in his mouth

Durable strongholds are a great complement to the stomach.

It was daylight in the morning

The sun also covers the woods and the ground

Deep breaths in every breath.

Mother Nature's breath

Humans need to survive

Even your veil will die!

What is happening to the world?

Who is to blame for the brutality of Nature?

What the tragedy really is:

Soil erosion and dryness of the sea

Howl of a forest erosion—

Or greed of the root man of all?


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3 years ago