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Do you notice why poverty is rampant in our country? Many of our countrymen have almost no source of income. Add the lonely parents, the lazy and addicted to bad habits, and the miserable, involved in crime, such as theft. Say, touch the bottom. Something needs to be known in the belly.

Who is to blame for this? It is none other than WE, because we are the ones who make our destiny. Well, CHANGE IS COMING. May those who neglect family obligations and lawbreakers change, and live justly and honorably, in order to have real prosperity and peace in our country, without which we have no human or loved ones.

It is important for us to have a law-abiding leader with steel, like our president Rodrigo Duterte. However, our cooperation and unity are needed to continue to fight poverty in our country. Let us not face all the problems and problems of our government.

What are the main reasons why many of our countrymen are suffering from poverty? To people or families,

A. Bad Habbits

  • Evil vice is the root cause of great poverty and evil in the world. Why? The use of cigarettes and alcohol causes damage to our minds, health, families, livelihoods, dreams and the future of the family, and much more. Instead of a person becoming productive in his work or study, his time is wasted by vice or if he becomes ill he can no longer enter. As a result, he will have no money left on the day he is away (from the worker), or he will have a low school (student) score.

  • Aside from wasting money, opportunities and opportunities to advance in life, it also leads to family destruction. How many spouses are permanently separated or children who have been rejected by parents or close relatives due to bad habits, especially if they have been involved in illicit drugs. He only intensifies rather than solves the problems that come into his life. Without bad habits, no one will suffer in our country. If anyone is in poor health or financially, they can better support and make the entire household more comfortable. They will be better able to survive the trials of life.

  • We must remember that no good will come if we enter into a bad habit. We also do our own harm when that happens. Let us not stop or join those who are addicted to alcohol, alcohol, gambling, and drugs.

B. No Right Plans

  • A hasty decision is usually not a good destination. Many young people today ignore education, get involved in bad relationships, or become pregnant, get married, or have children of their own who are unable to support them. As a result, an increasing number of people or families are suffering and starving in our country, as well as people who live squatter or on the street.

  • Every thing has its time. Take advantage of every opportunity you are given, as it comes only once in your life. You will never be able to bring your youth back to life when you grow old. So, if your parents or close relatives are studying you, study hard. It also applies to your good life, personality and future.

  • For people who do not have a stable life, having a stable career should be your highest priority, no matter how difficult it may be. It says "If you have patience, you have cooked". There is no easy job at this time. And if possible find a sideline or business for extra income or alternative sources of income. If you have plans to work abroad, do so before deciding to get married, to avoid homesickness and broken family after marriage or the birth of your first child.


  • Many of our poorer people are poorly educated in school or have just missed college. This is because there is not enough money to spend on education, or even more work ahead of school, because their parents do not have a good living. Today, almost all of the jobs offered in classified ads on the newspaper and internet require an applicant to graduate college or graduate level. As a result, many are struggling with low-wage jobs (minimum wage of Php 512 per day in Metro Manila) such as being a freight trainer, garbage collector, tricycle or pedicab driver, helper, street sweeper, etc. in order to survive on the day-to-day expenses of their household.

D. Over Expenses

  • No matter how small or large your income may be, spending too much or more on income can result in debt. Prioritize meeting needs before demand, and practice saving regularly before deciding to spend.

  • It's not bad to borrow. Just make sure you really need the debt and if yes you can afford it. It can't be the case with the debt that Batman just cares or cares about. It is here that a person or family begins to sink or fall into debt.

  • If the blanket is short, you will learn to flex. Be satisfied with what you have right now. Work hard and your progress will be certain. Do not use a credit card as much as possible. Cash or debit cards should be used in shopping to avoid overpayment. Also avoid buying packaged items, rather than packing them before buying. You feel better and have peace of mind if you have no debt to worry about. You don't have to hide from your relatives, friends, acquaintances, and the person (s) who lent you money. The more you experience the fruits of your labor.

E. Idleness

  • A lazy person who doesn't want to work has no right to eat. In other words, laziness is deadly. How many workers have been fired from work because of their idleness, making it seem effortless. Well, just look at people?

  • In youth you must begin to work hard. From helping with household chores or family business, studying well, to finishing and having a regular job. In other words, diligence is part of our lives and our lives. Some adults do not want children to be held back from their work habits, which is why they may become more and more ill with almost nothing in life. Our Great Creator truly designed us to be industrious on a daily basis. Even when exercising or moving our physical body it is important to take full care of our lives and health, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle.

F. Early Marriage

  • Marriage is not a joke. Aside from the expensive out of pocket, you have a lot to go through and the process to support your family well. It's not enough to love one another to tell the audience that they're ready to get married. It has affiliate responsibility and it is a lifetime. You will not be able to recover it, unless one of your spouse is at peace.

  • A person should not get married if he does not have a proper plan for his finances, raising a family, building his own house, children's education, family health, etc. We must first acknowledge each other's strengths and weaknesses before the scheduled wedding, to avoid excessive strife and misunderstanding. If you do not graduate from college and do not yet have a stable income, sufficient income, property, and income, it is best not to pursue a marriage or add children to people who already have families. It should not be practiced that you always owe money when you are running out of money or when you have to spend a lot of money on a budget. The couple will certainly fight when that happens.

  • In addition to having a stable career, you need to be aware of your income, along with your spouse. Instead of earning a fortune you will spend as if there were no tomorrow. There is enough money to save for sudden expenses (to avoid debt), with life and health insurance to cover immediate costs whenever a family member is sick, or should not, have died. There is ample money to pay for household obligations, such as rent or housing rent, electricity, water, education, and more.

  • It is important to remember that it is difficult to act and decide in life when we are always deprived or in need of money, especially for those who are constantly in debt. It is better to be prepared in advance, than to spend money in times of emergency or need. It is possible that the lender (s) may have pressured us to do so. Besides the huge interest and penalties, it can be a headache when you get caught paying it. That is, panic decision making.

In our government,

A. Corruption

  • The acute theft of the town has an impact on the Filipino people, especially in the public service and providing assistance to the poor. Why? Instead of appropriating the full amount of funds available for projects that will help alleviate the worsening poverty, corrupt government officials are pocketing it for their personal benefit. While corrupt officials are getting richer and have the house (s), jewelry and vehicles (s) in power, the poor are still suffering from poverty. It is ignorant and poorly educated, because it is not accepted on government scholarships. Poor patients die instantly in hospitals due to lack of proper medicine and medical attention. Provincial roads are depressing and irrigation on farms often leads to losses of farmers, and agricultural-related businesses, etc., as other vegetables are rotting while traveling to the public markets. They are used by politicians who want to win every election by voting or vote buying.

B. Traffic

  • The daily struggle of getting to work in Metro Manila is a cry of the Filipino people, whether you are rich or poor. Why? Instead of time being wasted at work, family, and productive work (s), some of our life plans just go away. Salaries can be reduced by undertaking, disciplined or hard working, cancellation of contract (s), and this is a major detriment to our economy. It is a waste of time that can never be restored. Instead of working part-time or part-time students after full-time jobs or office hours, traffic can only end the life of an ordinary worker with the dream of saving himself and his family from the misery.

C. Agriculture

  • The lack or lack of government support for farmers is one of the reasons why we are deprived of food production and we often import rice and agricultural products from other countries. The rapid decline in supply of NFA rice in warehouses recently is one of the reasons rice prices are rising in the market, even though they are not taxed under TRAIN law. As a result, poorer families are more likely to fall into poverty and to be able to support high-income families who have just enough income for their daily needs. The number of malnourished children in poorer communities in the country is likely to rise further, based on a survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) and PulseAsia.

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I agree with all points.

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3 years ago

Philippines is rich in agriculture, nature, tourism, patriotism, fiesta, fun, opm. I think the norm is getting more perplexed by now. Don’t worry it will transcend.

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3 years ago

I agree with all of this. Early marriage is indeed one of the Big reason of why we are poor. No right plans before marriage.

They think they can leave by simple meal everyday. Human are greedy as we grown we want more than usual that how we are. That's why all of this reason of being poor exist because humans are greedy 💔.

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3 years ago