Our Land

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3 years ago

Earth, here's the land!

you are afraid of what you have said

that is thick you will weigh and feel

you have the whole conquest. there planted the

root of life; sprout into the drop of the mass

rain. streams flow like snakes

left at the foot of the mountain. ang

sun kiss at dawn: deserted

like a glittering jewel

to many eyes the good feature.

leaving many wounded.

knowledge prevails, breasts open,

you will hear no cry.

the farewell is still welcome -

"Come on, civilization!"

Earth, here's the land!

your borrowed life is where it came from

just give back. on the rich breast:

there it sows the seed of life

willingly succumb to the strain of your hard work

and labor. you are earthly. here it is

the land of your life and

hope. chest. heart. bytes. the person

you have given the land. your satisfaction,

sweetness of love and greatness.

because you are earth, you are body -

so is the land. that is the end

you're good -

in the beginning!

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3 years ago