My Last Poem for You

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3 years ago

At the same time I was doing poetry

is the fulfillment of your promise

"I'll have you back"

At the same time the wind blows

is to wipe out my heart for no one else but your name

You are a magician

You have convinced me that magic is never true

You believe me in love

Love that draws us closer

You believe me in love

You believe me in love

But come on

Is that love?

or is that just one of the movies you created?

In the beginning, the words were already set

"Warning: the following program has no facts

Don't be serious "

First I saw you,

you got my attention right away

Just like a necklace

The first time you see it,

you can't stop it

to bring it to your heart immediately

Do you still remember your gift to me?

Necklace with heart shaped design

You say, that symbolizes

your heart is with me

Now, I know why

Because like that metal necklace,

So is the content of your chest

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3 years ago