Friend Forgotten

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3 years ago

I used to have a best friend,

He is kind and reliable.

Almost everything we agree on.

And I know he doesn't leave me alone.

But something strange happened,

She traded me for a man.

Man who made his heart beat,

So I distance myself.

Our friendship broke

We often ignore,

And we often do not understand each other.

What happened to us? What happened to my friend?

She is happy with her boyfriend,

As long as he left me forever.

I decided to forget him too,

And on my friend's list I scratched him.

I trained myself,

I used to have him out of my life.

I used to have it out of my system.

I trained because I knew it would be better.

I may know him by name,

But his personality is very different.

So you, choose a reliable friend,

‘You will never forget.

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3 years ago