A Man and A Woman InLove

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Do you know how to love

How to travel, how to repeat,

How to Offer

A man of his love

To a beautiful woman?

Do you know how to love

How to Love a Girl

How to "umoo"

To a man holding a lyre

Who laments his Hope?

There is a man who is strictly shaken

But only if we are new

And this guy

To begin with, to be stubborn

She is the one who loves everyone.

Have an easy woman “omoo”

Easy to agree with anyone

It'll be remembered

You're a fraudster:

Many claim to be unattached.

There are men who just fall in love

At the sound of silver or wealth ...

And it's similar

It looks like a bird in the field

If not try not to have lunch.

Men love it too

Not for money or anything good

You know what?

This love is in the woman

I don't, I don't: I can't say.

I do remember: there was one more:

How to love girls,

Or even a widow.

Ah, laughter !: in despair:

Because it's heavy on the pocket ...

Much more, I will tell

I will say it more clearly

The boys

Even the woman, night and day

Nothing is dreamed of but REMEMBER.

And that's not true, especially at night

Sleeping is still a humele ...

And that's not true

Always alone? I do not blame

Anybody would smile and smile.

All this should not be surprising

Being a native of my race

It's our fault

Not the child, but the parent

Who gave the Spirit and the Life.

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3 years ago