Just Found My Oldest Memory Cards

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2 years ago

My oldest PS1 Memory card is probably almost 20 years old by now...

My family emptied a box with some of our old stuff to put them in a new place. I thought I took what's mine out of it ages ago, but we found some stuff that's almost two decades old! One of them is my Playstation Memory Card. I took pictures:

I want to start by mentioning that both Memory Cards don't seem to be officially from SONY. Playstations sold in Libya in before and during the early 2000's were modded versions, that included the Console, the Games, and the Memory Cards!

The Green Memory Card in the photo above is my oldest PS1 Memory Card. As you see, time didn't treat this boy well. The plastic case is broken... Last time I used it, (more than 12 years ago,) it was still working.

I don't remember when I bought it, and which game I played with it at the time. I remember playing PS1 for years without having a memory card to save games with, and that it was revolutionary to my child self. (See "PS1 Games of My Childhood" article series on Hive.)

One of the games I remember needing the Memory Card for was Digimon World 2... I played it a lot before, but I had to replay the first levels too many times to count. I only realized how long the game is, after getting the Memory Card and splitting the gaming for days.

It really puts it in perspective how short PS1 games were.

When I used to play PS1 games with my brother and my cousins, we played a lot of games without saving. Games like Tekken, CTR, and Disney games could be finished in one sitting. One LONG sitting after understanding how the game works.~

In the photos above, the White Memory Card wasn't originally mine. The owner was one of my cousins. (I forgot which one of them.) When they sold their PS1, some of their stuff stayed with ours. The PSOne memory card is one of the leftovers..

I think it's sad we don't have a PS1 anymore, so I can't check which save files each memory card still contains. (That's if they actually still work.)

Now that I can't return these to the box I found them in, I have to let them find another resting place. I think I know just the right place for them.~

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2 years ago