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[Gaming Snaplogs] Digimon Hacker's Memory ~ Battles to Remember ~

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3 months ago

I've been playing Digimon Story: Cybersleuth - Hacker's Memory since the start of the year. I'm slowly advancing in its story. Compared to the first Cybersleuth game, Hacker's Memory has even more surprises and uses the character from the previous game very well!

Many quests were intriguing. I wished some of them were part of the main story to be explored more. Though most of them had disappointing tell-not-show tendencies. Hacker's Memory introduced the Dominion Battles system which I loved. Playing this game on Hard Mode got challenging quicker than the first Cybersleuth game, which only got hard in the later stages of the game.

In this #GamingSnaplog article, I'll talk about my experience with two battles I loved either in story or gameplay.

WARNINIG: Minor Spoilers

Hacker vs Sistermon Sisters

In the quest “Evangelist of Love! Sistermon!“ in Chapter 7, the two Sistermon sisters Ciel and Blanc asked Hudie to provide someone to play the lackey role for their Gym. The protagonist joins for their opening act.

The Japanese version had Sistermon Noir instead of Ciel. They changed it for some reason, and I only played the international version, so I'm going to use the official English terms.

Sistermon Sisters are the subordinates of Gankoomon. They separated from him and Hackmon in the Digital World and found themselves in the virtual space EDEN. After noticing the Hacker's and other Digimon in the virtual world, they decided to open a gym.

Nokia Shiramine appears with Agumon and Gabumon. The Sisters train her and teach her to help her partners and not be on the sidelines. Nokia decided to show them “love,” leading them to Digivolve into Greymon and Garurumon.

The Sistermons reveal the second stage of the training, and both the protagonist and Nokia fight their awakened form. It was a tough battle.

The quest was fun to play. The battle enough of a challenge for me to struggle but not lose. The quest is also one of the rare fully voiced side quests in the game. It also leads to what will happen next in the timeline of Cybersleuth, since this marks the first time Agumon and Gabumon digivolved in front of Nokia.

I always like when Cybersleuth’s main cast appear in Hacker’s Memory, especially when it’s unexpected like this! Nokia’s character arc is one of the best in Cybersleuth, and I’m glad Hacker’s Memory shows some of the steps of her character development missing from the original game.

After the quest, Sistermon sisters move their Gym to Merie’s Digi-Lab. They don’t do much, but I think there’s more to their story. Since Gankoomon & Hackmon will show up on EDEN at some point, I hope they get to meet in another quest.

Hacker vs Agnimon & Lobomon

In Ch.8 of the game, Hudie team needed to hack into the Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit server to get information for their goal. (In-universe, the CCI is basically Police.) While trying to acquire the information, two guardians appeared.

This battle against Agnimon & Lobomon was the hardest for me up to that point. Those two Human Spirit Digimon were the guardians of the Cyber Crimes Investigation Unit server.

After defeating Agnimon & Lobomon, the reward being the ability to Digivolve into them is totally worth it.

When I first encountered them with my not-so-great team of Digimon. I was destroyed in merely two turns. I couldn't even hit them. Agnimon kept raising evasion and speed. None of my attacks landed. Even if I managed to land one hit, Lobomon would have healed it. They were the perfect combo.

I came back later with my best team, only to be defeated in a battle of attrition. Due to their Evade and Heal strategy, I couldn't land a hit most of the time.

They get more turns because of the speed increase which allows them to heal and attack before I get a chance to fight back. Eventually, my healing items ran out. I stopped the game, knowing that I was losing that attempt.

The next day I had a plan. Since their evasion is high, I had to use a team of Digimon who had Always Hit attack skills.

Luckily, I had a few Digimon that fit the bill but some were under leveled. After refreshing my healing items, and appropriate grinding, it was time for revenge!

Even my winning attempt was a battle of attrition. It took a long time to chip at their health with all the healing that Lobomon does. It was a satisfying battle to play.

Their fight doesn’t have a story to it, but it’s one of the most memorable fights I had in all of Cybersleuth.

What do you think?

I’m currently in chapter 9 of Hacker’s Memory. Just before the raid on Under Zero. That’s where the first game story started to pace up, so I hope to what this game will do. (I believe Hacker’s Memory is better paced than Cybersleuth.)

That's all I have for now. I hope to meet you in another post. Thanks for reading~

  • All screenshots are taken by me with Nintendo Switch Lite's Capture feature.

  • This article is also on Hive's Ecency w/ different screenshots.

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Written by   99
3 months ago
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