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[Gaming Impressions] Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Announcements

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1 year ago

Six Dragon Quest announcement in one day. Dragon Quest XII teaser, an HD Remake, Offline version of DQX and a bunch of other stuff.

On Thursday 27th of May 2021, Square Enix Livestreamed the 35th Anniversary of Dragon Quest series. The stream features Yuji Hori and it's published on the Japanese Square Enix YouTube channel. But it was supplied with subtitles and voice-overs of three other languages! Foreshadowing the stream having content for worldwide audience.

In the stream they announced a bunch of upcoming games and updates to existing games for the series. Out of the 6 announcement I only care about three of them.

# Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate

The shortest trailer in the stream. We only got a single glimpse about the next installment of DQ series: Dragon Quest XII.

The trailer only shows the logo, and the sub-title "Flames of Fate." Yuji Hori gives some vague ideas about the games like: "It's darker." "It's a Dragon Quest for adults." "It's about having options." So there will be probably multiple endings, I guess?

Yuji Hori also said that the battles will be different. I'm not sure about the last one, but I if I have faith in Yuji Hori who only breaks tradition when he feels he has to.

Speaking on tradition. Fans are already freaking out about the Logo's color! It breaks the tradition of having Red Logos in even numbered DQ games.

# Dragon Quest III: HD-2D Remake

Have you heard about Octopath Traveler? Imagine Dragon Quest in that style-- Wait, you don't have to imagine it because a DQ of this style just got a trailer:

The announcement of Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake blew me away. It's something I and other fans imagined for years!

I probably wouldn't have chosen DQIII for my first choice for this remake, I'll probably go with DQV or (if I'm allowed to dream,) CHRONO TRIGGER! But I totally understand why they chose DQIII out of all titles. It's the most iconic Dragon Quest. The story of Erdrick, the most legendary figure of the series.

The battle system looks like a 2D version of Dragon Quest XI visually, and that's awesome. In a way, I'm more excited about this remake than any Full HD 3D remake could ever make me.


# The Other Announcements!

  • Dragon Quest X - Offline: That's a game I'm actually excited about. Not for the game itself but for the possibility that we'll finally have a worldwide release of DQX. (See below.)

  • Dragon Quest X - Online: The Dragon Quest MMO will receive a huge update and if it the game was released worldwide, I would've loved this. But DQX is Japan exclusive and this stream added another confirmation that they don't have a plan for releasing outside Japan.

  • Dragon Quest Treasures: A new spin-off of the series starring a young Erick, (one of DQXI party members.) It seems different than every other Dragon Quest title that came before. I loved this game announcement but I don't have a lot to say about it for now. I'll be waiting for other news.

  • Dragon Quest: Keshi Keshi. A puzzle game for mobile phones. The first game announced in the stream. Some people actually love this announcement but I didn't care, enough to know more about it,

What do you think?

  • All images are taken from the stream/trailers.

  • This article is a cross-post here in and on Hive's PeakD.

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Written by   99
1 year ago
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Happy 35th Anniversary to Dragon game.If they updated it into online version outside the Japan,then it would be more attractive also.Your choice for 3 updates exhibits your interest and taste in this game.Thank you for sharing your experience here.

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1 year ago

They actually said that there are no plans to have Dragon Quest X released worldwide. So the stream crashed that dream.

But there's an offline version planned and we don't know if it'll get worldwide release or not yet.

And yeah, choosing "DQ III HD" says a lot about me doesn't it?

Thanks for passing by and commenting!

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1 year ago