[Demo Impression] Disgaea 6: Defiance of Detailed Reviews

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2 years ago

I finished the Demo of Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiney a while ago and I like the story and characters but I have mixed opinions on the gameplay. Disgaea 6 takes everything about the series to its logical conclusion. Everything is over-the-top more than usual! Characters can go up to the level 1,000,000 instead of 9999 this time!

The Demo includes the first two chapters of the game. The game starts with our new hero Zed telling the tale of his beating of the strongest God of Destruction ever. Zed's ability Super Reincarnation allowed him to be revived every time he lost, so he grinded his way to defeat him.

I like Zed's character. The lovable zombie with bad personality and equally bad trauma. As his pet master Cerberus says: "Everything about him is rotten." Other than defeating the most powerful being in the netherworld, his other notable action in the demo is turning the human world's King into a wallet, and hero into a punching bag to earn EXP.

Speaking about the human world. I love the King's character. His is a really creative way to play the JRPG trope, The King is based on Dragon Quest's king, but he's insanely rich. He thinks money can buy anything and is set on buying his way in saving the world. He's lovable because money plays everything about him, but he's not defined by money or greed. The hero however is defined by them.

That hero has been defeated by the god of Destruction many times before, so he retired and currently is using the King's money to live comfortably. Being defeated that many times must have broken every piece of virtue in him. The hero became as lazy as a gamer who rage-quit at the final chapter of the game.

My opinion on the gameplay are mixed. I like it so much, but I'm not sure if I like the direction. They kept the spirit of the series, but changed how it's implemented. The leveling system changed to a quicker one. The basic stats are too high I bet they'll catch every fan of earlier Disgaea games off-guard. Many stable elements of the series were changed like the skill system, or removed like the Hospital system that I knew on love.

The result is a game that's surprisingly good, but lacks the familiarity a returning fan would expect. I can say for sure though, that Disgaea 6 gameplay is the easiest one for newcomers to understand in the series. Just don't expect it to represent the other games.

What do you think?

This was my First Impression of Disgaea 6 after finishing the Demo. It seems the game's characters are all as fun as Zed going forward, so I wonder how will the cast compare to the other Disgaea titles.

  • All images are screenshots of the game taken by me.

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