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When I first heard the news

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8 months ago

In the Gulshan attack in which the militants attacked the hostage and the police with 22 of them, I went after a lot of confusion. Honestly, I thought it was a mess for a long time, brother, there is a weapon to call it 22, the 22 caliber version of Kalashnikov 47. Butt weapon is not so common, almost no one knows, there is no similarity between the two. So where from?

At first I thought it would be something like the way a handmade weapon / bolt action rifle in a newspaper continues to be called a "sophisticated" weapon, guessing a name. But why does this name come up again and again? I have seen the army outside the police in this name. It was very confusing.

Everything goes well when Armament Research Group / ARES gives a report on the above. And whatever it is, their report is not worth throwing away. According to them, the weapon does not belong to the Kalashnikov family at all (gas system e nai ake series), but it works like a sten submachine gun. Strange thing, it looks like Butt works like this. Speaking of which, a Pakistani Gansmith in India teaches a Bangladeshi Gansmith how to make this "weapon". Butt talking, why like Stan? Just as it has gained popularity in Afghanistan, Stan has taken its place in Bangladesh / India. There are two reasons for this, one sten is cheaper than Kalashnikov, a sten in World War II cost about ২০ 20, as much as ৩ 300 today. On top of that Stan Onestly can be made by hand. The stain was made so that it could be made quickly by inexperienced people in less machines, so that it could not be made into anything of the 47th. You will never find a Kalashnikov attached to the market with Philip screws. So where it is not easy to bring arms to Bangladesh or India, the value of this modified stain is higher. Let me give you a straightforward account of the amount of weapons seized in Bangladesh, the maximum e single shot weapons, complicated weapons brought to the country such as tough, made and tough. One more thing, there is a possibility that the origin of these weapons came through the mountain terrorists. One thing to keep in mind is that when India supported them, India still used a lot of Stan series of weapons, it may be that the arms supplied by India have gone from one hand to the other and this is not unusual today. Moreover, when the country was engulfed in terror in the year 2000, all the weapons but the police / army could not seize them, so many weapons did not rot anymore, this hand may have come here today holding hands, in a slightly different way.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first, because there's a reason why those who made it want to have a Kalashnikov look. Bullets of 22 caliber are available in this country directly, legally or illegally. Is there a gun shop near your home? You may see that it says there are bird guns, 22 caliber bullets. When I was in Sylhet, I knew 3 gun shops in Bandar Bazar area, all of which sold 22 calibers. So getting shot is not a difficult task. Basically this weapon is nothing but a 22 caliber version of Stan. I think it looks like Kalashnikov, that's why it's called 22 for caliber. Besides, I don't know any other reason though.

There is not much information on this topic, based on what I have written and what little history I know, please let me know if there is any mistake in the writing, thank you.If you read our Bangladeshi posts today, you will think that Bangladesh has crushed India.

We will move forward in GDP Per Capita.

This is good news.

But keep in mind, we haven't moved on yet, maybe at the end of the year. If Bangladesh and India continue at this pace for the next two and a half months.

When Corona came to the country at the beginning of the year, all of us were closed. No one must have forgotten. There is no work, no money, no food. But the rate at which remittances came in one and a half to two months is still continuing.

But the crisis of the country is no more.

With this remittance alone this year, we hope to achieve the third highest growth in the world.

There are still two and a half months left. Can a miracle of India like our remittances of the year take place?

May not be again.

So I think we should at least wait until the end.

Another very big thing

We, the present generation, love India a little less. This is not our fault. In India they wanted to make us slaves instead of our friends.

They don't even bother to call us termites.

We don't skimp on calling them cowherds.

But one thing is for sure, India will not be the 2nd largest economy in the world in the next 20-30 years, but it will definitely be the 3rd largest economy.

Then we will give them a reception?

Or will their achievement stop us from eating and sleeping?

If the answers are not, then there is no point in talking about today's GDP per capita.

These change every year.

Today this year we have gone ahead. But after 2 years, India will definitely go ahead of us. It may go back again, it will go forward again.

It is the joy of the moment.

It would not be good to make it muddy.

Let's focus on the long-term achievements of the country.

We want to move forward, we want to stay ahead.

Not for 2 days. For the rest of their lives, they should pass us by after a few days and not make the same criticism against us again.



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Written by   23
8 months ago
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