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Tools that help fight depression

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7 months ago

Hello dear readers, welcome to this space in which I write from the heart.

Today I want to share two tools that have helped me a lot to overcome moments of sadness and depression, especially in these difficult times for the whole world as a result of the pandemic of covid-19.

For many it has been a very hard time emotionally, economically, personally, at work, family, to which some people have achieved the positive side and have created a new version of themselves, but others have been truly affected even altering their sleep, their nerves, their immune system.

Not to be outdone, many of these people have even lost loved ones infected by the virus, some have been evicted from their homes for not being able to pay for them, etc. The vast majority live glued to the news that sometimes are terrorists and end up driving anyone crazy.

Please, the first thing I recommend is to stay away from the news please!

Choose what kind of news we watch on TV or read because that is the message we send to the brain.

Listening to some classical music is not only beneficial for relaxation, it also stimulates intelligence. At the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to stress and worry, I literally felt like my fingernails hurt, all my joints cramped up, and I couldn't even move my fingers when I woke up in the mornings.

Thanks to the quarantine I now had time to resume my yoga practices, so I turned to this wonderful tool that not only helped me to heal my physical ailments, but also to calm the mind and nourish the spirit, aligning everything inside and outside of me.

Everything that happens in the world is something external of which I have no control at all, but I am responsible for how I feel inside me and how I allow the external to affect me, in yoga I have learned to work patience and accept that all times are perfect and that everything has its right time.

Yoga is an excellent tool to fight depression, balance our external reality creating from within me, not only we will tone the body we also connect with the Divinity that nourish our soul, maintaining a state of wholeness.

The other tool that has helped me a lot is meditation, at the beginning of quarantine I had the opportunity to do an online certification in meditation and quantum healing, when we learn to connect, or rather remember to connect with the breath and become aware of it we can get a miracle in our life creating a new reality.

The benefits of meditation will not only be noticed at the mental level and thoughts, also health and if we join this to the spiritual really create the miracle of a new life, we choose how to live if in a state of fullness or depression, anxiety, sadness.

And really our purpose is to be happy beings at every moment, with the ability to bounce back even in the midst of adversity.

This is just a recommendation from my personal experience, but as a free being that you are and that enjoys free will, you can experience other tools to help you get out of depression, all are valid, the important thing is that whatever you choose, it resonates with your soul, allows you to be happy but above all it generates a full and complete inner peace.

Since not all of us work the same, but what I can tell you is that no one and nothing is worth so much to keep us in a state of depression and suffering when we have the power to change it, just decide it and you will see your potential.

Thank you so much! 💞


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Written by   6
7 months ago
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