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Mi presentación a la comunidad

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7 months ago

Estimados cajeros rojos, hace dos meses me registré y me presenté en esta comunidad, pero por razones ajenas a mi voluntad no pude seguir publicando, por eso les pido disculpas y me presento a ustedes nuevamente luego de esa larga ausencia.

Mi nombre es Alicia Rodríguez, en las redes me conocen como @ aguilaazul7777, soy una mujer soñadora, que cree firmemente en la humanidad y el amor incondicional, en la transformación del ser y el poder que tenemos para crear una vida mejor a partir de la elección correcta. de nuestros pensamientos y nuestras acciones.

I am a mother of four children 3 women (Yorgelis, Eyleen and Ambar) 1 man (Reymonth), I have two beautiful grandchildren (Xavier and Xael) sons of my eldest daughter.

I am from Venezuela, born and raised in the state of Miranda, Zamora municipality, I am 39 years old (although it does not seem so) hahaha, three years ago I am based in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia with my husband, two of my children and my mother.

I work as a manicurist trade I studied in Venezuela years ago, I am also a pastry chef, I did not study that I learned it with the nuns in the school where I studied, I studied theater and acting for audiovisual media in a recognized institute of Venezuela called Cikah located in the Santa Fe Theater in Caracas Venezuela and in the Rajatablas Foundation also located in Caracas Venezuela.

Currently I have a project in mind with which I want to include women in the labor market, especially those who have a physical disability and are single mothers, I have seen a lot of women like this in recent months and I think that in Colombia women are not included as they should be in the labor market.

Many are heads of households and in some activities that I have participated in this time in Colombia, is what I have noticed and if they have a disability they are even more excluded, my project is focused on a factory of handmade ice cream but I will tell you about it later and in another post.

When I have the capital to start as it should be, but I have so much faith that I know that the universe will conspire to materialize this dream for which I am fighting.

I have been a yogi for three years, meditation and quantum healing teacher, Reiki therapist and crystal therapist (crystal therapy), I came to yoga for two hernias I have in the cervical and discovered a total change in my life.

I have discovered so many benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level that I want to share it with humanity, for this I am currently training as a yoga teacher.

I wish to share with you a varied content since I do not like monotony, but mainly content of yoga, wellness, health, physical activity, good nutrition.

I like to read, I love the sea and meditate near it to listen to the sound of its waves, the contact with nature comforts me, I love flowers and I am addicted to ice cream and chocolate.

I consider myself noble of heart but fair and I think that things are as they should be and that we must assume the consequences of our actions and decisions, make us responsible and stop blaming industry, governments, churches, the neighbor, the doggy etc.. We are owners and creators of our world, our peace and abundance.

Thank you for your attention 💞

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Written by   6
7 months ago
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