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How meditation has transformed me

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1 year ago

Have you ever practiced meditation? If the answer is yes, I would love to know what your experience has been before and after starting this practice.

For me personally, meditation has helped me to reduce stress and anxiety levels, to maintain a state of wholeness and a greater focus on my goals.

To take on different circumstances with calm and clarity, and to act effectively when necessary.

I have learned to deal with solutions and no longer worry when I cannot change something. 

In short to be connected in the here and now, without being hooked suffering for the past or anxious for the future, to live consciously, I have become more observant, I enjoy more the simplicity of life, I am more grateful, compassionate, kind, empathetic, patient, vibrate of unconditional love and peace. When you have a calm mind there is peace in your heart that allows you to transmit it and contribute to the union and bring love where there is fear.

Through meditation I have learned to know myself better, to develop intuition and creativity, to turn my back on what I don't want to let go of easily and without attachments, to divert my attention from the external noise and let myself be guided by that wise and loving inner voice that always has all the answers and wisdom.

On a health level some of the benefits that this discipline brings us is that it helps us to oxygenate the brain, stimulates the immune system, muscle relaxation.

At first it may be difficult but it is not impossible, constant practice will help us to improve every day, the mind is like a ball that does not stay still, you can start with 3 minutes a day and increase little by little, the important thing is to observe yourself and observe the thoughts that come and release them, focus attention on the breath, feeling how the air enters and exits through the nostrils.

Find a calm and quiet place so you can concentrate better, place soft music, or with sounds of nature, sitting or lying down with the spine straight and without forcing it as you feel more comfortable, you can aromatize with incense if you want, or light a candle staring at the flame will help you concentrate, the practice of yoga also prepares the body for meditation but yoga will talk in a next post 💖.

Thanks for making it this far, blessings!

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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