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Travel of Money$ From Bartering to Crypto and mining of BTC.

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2 years ago

Yes In the current day and age of life, We are using the way of money lools and the way ehich we are using it that it,s hard to blive that it was ever or now Differendt. But It was actually has a murkym and divise of history that it is era of transformation once again.

Bartering of Things.

Back of old age of cave man times, and the prior of around 500BCE, Money dint really invented and not exist. In this times, people acquired to sale goods with goods and they needed a simple system Which we called Bartering. As a example, If ashen haunted a got, he world then try to trade and sale a part of this for the tools he needed to hunt more got. While this system worked for a lot to ago times of years, it id not allow for true innovation as it was very time consuming, and a not accurate trade.

History with chiese: During thesame time period, the Chinese was bartering .

These coins .

First currency introduced: The chines invented the first coins, as a paper money it took so long for them to be connected the western world so it spread all over the world.

Now the barter system has turned into the electrinicle wallet that we are using as bitcoin cash and BCH.

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