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NDMA$National dessises mangement Authority.

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2 years ago

NDMA STAND for national deisses management Authority.

NDMA is Pakistan aggency that works for the care of people who are suffering from many harmful deasses Giveawy:of $350 In Eth prize Pool!


This article is not yet published. It is not ng contest;#DeXToken.

DEXTon Protocol; THe Dexton Protocol may be Defi Infrastructure that implements .

Date OF this:Submit your entries between Frias, 9th of the

Topic of this article; you can write about the ending your feeland possible for writing,as ling as it is related to the DEXT TOken and the @Bit coin or readcash.

Prize of article; $350 in ETH,50 posts submitted to the $300 in ETH will go to authors, and $5o in the FTH is reserved for a Twitter.

Important NOTE;

  • $300 in ETH is to be Split between top 10 authors.

  • My team.

  • Top placed author will earn a minimum of $80 in ETH.

  • 2*$10 in random authors, decided by draw. Authors who win another award cannot win neither

Some Example of Topics yo get your creative juices flowing:

  • Overview of DEXToken Protocol.

  • Guide to yhr DEXTokekn.

  • what makes DEX vjfnk


I Hope that you like it best.

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Written by   109
2 years ago
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