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How the suddenly rich are disrespecting their money

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1 year ago

A friend sent me pictures of leftover food at her new marital home. It made me sick. Boxes and boxes of food ordered from restaurants and left half eaten. In a poor country, it is a crime to waste food like this. And such a shame when the farmers who grow food are struggling so much. So much irreverence to their effort, I thought.

But my friend had a different story to tell. She is a simple girl, extremely talented in her design and drawing craft. She remained unmarried for a long time, ..

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devoting himself to his work and career. You did well in it. He belonged to a middle-class family and was born alone. Raised on average with moderate savings, good thinking and long-term thinking. Until he met a newly established millionaire who first fell in love with his job, he finally persuaded her to marry him.

The implications of our conversation about this overly rich family are shocking to say the least. They live in a very large apartment building, which is located in the entire apartment on the ground floor. Here is the gist of what he said.

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First of all, there is no idea how many people live in a house. While the main family consists of only legal parents, the only son, the only son and two married sisters, the house is always full of relatives and friends. People just come in, sit down, and all the food is planned for at least 50 people. You see them as people trying to make a living at home, but no one else seems to care. The sisters and their long married families live there.

Second, the house is full of obscene items, gadgets, and objects. Decorating is expensive and damages the creative feelings of my artist friend. But when he tries to keep things organized and resilient, he is amazed at how honest retailers are raising prices and add-ons and how much more expensive the service should be. No one cares about negotiating, or ensuring quality. He quit after trying.

Third, there is the civil war. There are four cars. The husband and other relatives decided to buy new cars as if they were buying food for the house. Each car has two drivers working 12-hour shifts. Then there is the team for cooking, cleaning, and buying groceries and household items. Food is ordered, cooked and processed accordingly. There are girlfriends and staff of all the work. And the number of people who are still rubbing masseurs, beauticians, and others who come in depending on the phone calls made by most people living in the house.

Fourth, there are online orders piled up at the door every day. Some packages remain open for months. Someone or someone is ordering items. There is no sanctity for passwords or credit cards. No one seems to be watching either. In the midst of all the similarities of shouting that seem to be commonplace, people recover their belongings, get their food, order maids, and while they are not their time drinking, eating and having fun. They have a party for no reason and go to bed every morning.

This photo is very disturbing to my friend and is about to be interrupted. He wanted to know if rich families were running like this. No, it is not. Where did it go wrong here? The problem with disrespecting money is that it comes easily. The family began as low-income earners. But the son was associated with powerful and well-connected political parties, and soon he would focus on real estate, the media, films, television, and many other businesses that seemed to make more money than any of them could use, manage or protect.

We've heard stories of people winning the lottery, or big prizes. The family and the people around them feel ready for what they see as an easy win. Soon enough they are asking for money for businesses or to buy a house or land. There is a loan that can be repaid. The humiliation of returning to poverty has occurred for many lottery winners.

There is no other way to manage money than to distribute it carefully. Someone needs to manage and make decisions over time. My friend tells me that enough investment in property and land in unknown places in many benami names has already happened. Many new businesses have been launched. Accountants look at all these investments and papers, but no one at home knows all the details.

There is the illusion that money is unlimited, starting to work when households have too much money. Nothing seems more important than attention or attention. It is absurd to talk about danger, long-term formation, the distribution of property or the division of families who believe they are so insurmountable that they can escape any number of negligence.

The chicken will come home to eat. That's how things are in the end. In the cycle of negligence the seeds of loss are already sown. What looks like a small leak will be large, and what looks like a few pieces of meat almost immediately will become stronger over time. It may be too late. Because history has no evidence of negligence about the reward.

My friend is shocked that her house advice is always dismissed as a moderate and annoying level. You wonder how no one likes to bring the same order of things to something else that happens. He cannot prove his authority, suffering from the complexity of not belonging to the league. Her husband has no time. The elders do not have enough knowledge. He is convinced that employees and accountants are also deceiving the family, but he cannot prevent corruption.

Her story leaves me wondering how many wealthy homes are suddenly squandering their meager income on a land with large housing.

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Written by   109
1 year ago
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