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Lucky to have a best friend

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1 month ago
Topics: School

I just want to share something about me and my best friend's story during our SHS journey because I already miss her so much. I haven't seen her for quite a long time now because of this pandemic. I hope someone could relate to this.

I can still remember the feeling when I was officially enrolled in a University for my Senior High education. I originally came from a province and being enrolled in a university felt like heaven during that time. I was very happy during that time because finally, I am able to achieve something that was once my dream. I even thought I was still dreaming when the truth is I'm really living in the reality.

First day of school came, it was one of the best day of my life. The day became even special because I'm finally meeting my best friend again after 4 long years of being apart (she transferred to Palawan during her junior years). She waited for me in the lobby that time and I can still remember our screams and tears after seeing each other again. Haha. I was still showing my ID at our school guards when I heard her scream my name. That was very embarrassing because most of the students and teachers stopped walking and glanced on us. Hahaha. But we don't care because we really missed each other so much. We hugged tightly and teared a little bit. Haha lol. So to make it short, we had a catch up while we were walking towards our room (we're classmates😭!!!).

She's very talkative and so am I. Haha She told me her experiences during her junior life and I told her mine, too. We had a great catch-up that time all we did was laugh and strike each other. I thought it will be awkward for us, to talk with each other after a long time but I've already proven that time that I was wrong.

Starting that day, we became inseparable. We really stick with each other even if we met new friends. Our circle became bigger and happier. It was hard to adjust with my city life but because of her I managed to get along with everyone. We were always together even in grade 12. By the way, we took STEM strand because we wanted to be health care professionals someday.

I know that student's life isn't always about laughing with your friends or having a good time in a classroom. There will always be breakdowns and struggles. I'm just lucky that my best friend is always there to cheer me up and to encourage me.

I can still remember those moments when we're on our way home in the middle of the night, convincing ourselves that we are brave enough to face whatever organism we will about to encounter on the road. We only walked on our way home because there's no jeepney left. And until now, we are still laughing out loud everytime we talk about it. Hahaha

We have made a lot of memories together- funny and sad moments, we experienced it all. And I miss those times so much, especially this very special day, our graduation.

This is my best friend.
This is me.

Right now, we are apart again because of this pandemic and also because we're already on different universities. She took Education and I took Nursing. But we are still communicating through messenger and we're also texting and calling each other. Our friendship is still going strong despite of everything and I'm already so proud of what we have achieved together.

We maybe apart again but I know that our friendship will just continue to be strong. I'm so proud of her achievements and I hope we could meet and do some catch up again, soon.

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Written by   2
1 month ago
Topics: School
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