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Things I can do to help bitcoin cash become generally adopted

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1 month ago

Personal Values That Can Help Improve Bitcoin cash. Be positive and help others solve problems. Focus on adding value to other people's lives rather than getting a lot of attention for yourself. It's easy to be a critic, it takes a lot more energy to create something. I try to be a builder and a contributor. Learn and teach what you know about bitcoin cash. This article is pretty self-explanatory. It's a great way to have a positive impact on the world while also getting better at what you already know.

Develop habits that add value to your life and the lives of other people. Habits like

Use bitcoin cash: spend, save, invest, donate (be conscious of transaction fees).

• Use bitcoin cash merchant tools: software that allows you to accept bitcoin cash.

• Create content that help you learn about bitcoin cash on Read cash and noise cash.

• Teach other folks about bitcoin cash (e.g. communities).

• Vote, comment on bitcoin cash related issues (e.g. reddit, read cash, noise).

• Buy bitcoin cash related hardware (e.g. ledger wallet)

• Buy bitcoin cash related products (e.g. books)

• Invest in bitcoin cash businesses (e.g. Litecoin)

• Support bitcoin cash infrastructure (e.g. pools/miners).

Things I can do to help bitcoin cash become generally adopted.

continue to support bch related businesses so they can grow and offer more services to the community

• promote good uses for bitcoin cash on the internet e.g.

• tip people on reddit, read cash, noise cash or twitter that are doing good things

• put stickers, flyers, vest etc in areas that would be useful to people

• volunteer at an event that supports bitcoin cash, ask them about the work they do, learn more about it.

Living my values can help accelerate adoption of bitcoin cash.

Here are things I believe in that impact the value of bitcoin cash.

- I believe in absolute honesty, transparency and integrity.

- I believe that people should be free to come together for the benefit of mankind without undue regulations, taxes or fear of reprisal.

- I believe that monetary policy should not be controlled by government but set by the people, the markets and the businesses that comprise it.

- I believe that fiat currency is obsolete and unsustainable and will eventually be replaced by competing currencies through market forces.

- I believe that cryptocurrency is the new global currency.

- I believe in living my life on purpose. With purpose comes focus and with focus comes execution, fulfilment and contribution. I believe that everyone has a right to live their best life.

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Written by   173
1 month ago
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This is awesome and I have saved this, we could all do some of these things.

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1 month ago

This is great, we need to encourage the very hands that feed us. BCH is doing a lot for us and it’s great if we can also create awareness for them. Great write up my Lady

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1 month ago

You have done well to break this down… this is a very good way to work with bitcoincash and it’s promotion… great article, going to save this page for later reference

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1 month ago

sounds like a good list activities that could help promote BCH

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1 month ago

Truly on can promote BCH by doing all these things mentioned in this article. I will adopt some of them.

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1 month ago