Shop Attack!!! Jane Fights Back.

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2 years ago

Jane was on a late shift and was attending to the last customer of the day, an old man who lazily strolled in to get a pack a cigarette, a scissors and some ropes. As he paid for his order, he gave Jane a sweet look and then turned slowly to the exit. 

Glad to be able to close up for the day, she happily went to the door and flipped the signs to closed, as she locked and typed in the security code, activated the alarms. She could see there was a snow storm gathering outside and visibility was poor, just at that moment she got an alert on her phone, a weather alarm, warning people within the radius to stay indoors to avoid getting trapped in the snow, as help will be hard to come in time.

O Shit, Jane said as she knew she would have to spend the night at the supermarket. She normally wouldn't mind, but there had been stories among her colleagues about a large room their manager forbade them to enter. With rumours saying he had a dark secret buried there.

To clear their doubt they all summoned courage to go meet him in his office and ask, and he simply told them, he stored sensitive material and goods there, which is why there was a lock with keypads and a bulletproof door. The keys, one in the bank vault, the other, safely hidden in a safe in the manager's office. This was a fair explanation and they all nodded apologized and went back to their stations.

Engulfed in the thoughts of sleeping in a supermarket on a cold friday evening was not the plans Jane had earlier. Resigned to fate she called her boyfriend and told him the situation, he immediately suggested the same as he was also stuck at an hotel. The had a little video call and then kissed themselves goodnight. Call me if you need anything he said, I love you babe, I love you too sugar, Jane replied, making a baby face as they said bye bye.

To help make the sleep go smooth, she decided to have some wine and she fired up her laptop to watch a love movie as she sipped some sweet Italian Wine, in 1 hours she was sleeping and surprisingly snoring. 

At about 2am early morning, she heard a sound, as she was still trying to gather her thoughts, she heard a louder sound, then she knew there was a burglar attempt, and she was right in the middle of it. 

Immediately she whipped out her phone and dialled 911, as she narrated her situation to the operator, who collected her details and told her cops were on the way. Okay ma'am, Jane said obviously terrified, I hope they come early, please tell them too, okay ma'am they are on their way.

She dropped the call and then dipped her hand into her bag, bringing out a shining semi automatic magnum pistol, a gift from her dad on her 18th birthday, she checked the clip and filled it up wit more bullets, as she rammed the clip into place and corked it silently, slowly turning the safety knob off, she was ready for war.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, y'all need to understand, I am a big fan of suspense😄 which is why there will be a second part. 

Did she win the battle against the attackers or not? What are they really after, the secret room maybe? Or it could just be her mind playing tricks and she has some mental challenges. It could happen anyway, but one thing is for sure, someone or people are going down. Lol. 

This is purely fictional and also a figment of my creative imagination, read enjoy and drop comments that show you read the post, Cheers.

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