Experience is more important compared to Loss.

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2 years ago

I wanted to share an incident that has occurred to me a couple of days back and the experience I gained from it.

I am new to LEO finance and didn't know much about the interfaces which lead to this blunder. Well, I accumulated 100 Leo and wanted to transfer some to my metamask wallet. So I used covert LEO token awards (Leo -> Eth). This service is provided by the swap.app platform which I later found to be down for the last 2 months. So, a platform actively providing service of another platform that is down, this un-understandable blunder leads to the loss of my 85 Leo tokens currently worth 25USD.

The swap.app platform mentions that any transaction would be reverted but I haven't received any Leo token back. There is no way to contact the Leo finance officials. So I was in dilemma what to do if such a blunder happens and where the heck is my 85 Leo tokens?

I posted my problem on the Leo site, a lot of users gave me advice and also donated Leo to cover my losses. This is the beauty of community a person in need and everyone is ready to help. A community is like a family that always helps you and it is our responsibility to take care of community.

The experience I gained is far more worth compared than the loss. And the Support I received is un-measurable.


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