Can Global warming be really helpful for some countries? An interesting case study. Part-1

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Most of the land in Russia, Canada, and Scandanavia are frozen and inaccessible. We all know what would happen to the countries in the tropical regions when the temperature will rise. But we haven't noticed the effect on the near-polar countries. Let us study the effect of global warming on the largest subpolar country RUSSIA.

Russia is adversely affected by the 3 nerves for over 2 centuries which has limited their growth. Most of Russia is inhabitable as it is a complete wasteland and is covered with snow. Even in the summer, the permafrost prevents any cultivation. To the north, the coastline re completely covered by the ice preventing any movement of the ships. You might have heard of the icebreaker ships which are costly to operate and practically uneconomical. And lastly, the western border of Russia is an open field, which in past made it susceptible to foreign invasion. You might have heard of the Nazi invasion in Russia during WW2.

But this Climatic change will uplift these nerves from Russia, unleashing its full potential, raising it to be the top global power.


If you draw the line between the USA and Canada, the countries lying above this line will gain a lot from global warming, while the countries south of it will be doomed. This is because human productivity is found to be highest between 12-16 Celcius. Any higher or lower, the productivity will begin to decrease. 


The white area in the map shows the area of maximum productivity. This covers countries like China, S. Korea, Japan, the USA, and most countries of Europe. Which defines why these countries are developed countries. But this zone was never here in ancient history and in near future, it will move more northward to cover entirely Russia, Canada, and Scandinavian countries.


As a direct result, the economy of the USA, Brazil, China, EU, and India will all struggle while adapting to this change. While the arctic countries economy will boom giving them once in the thousand-year opportunity.


But the biggest gainer will be Russia, as it controls the largest territory in the Arctic. 53% of the Arctic coastline is controlled by Russia. More than half of the Arctic population lives in Russia. Giving a tremendous boost to the Russian economy.
As population * productivity factor is equivalent to the economy.


Serbia:- Nearly 9% of the earth's total land area with avg yearly temperature being 0.5 Celcius. It also includes the lowest temperature of -71 Celcius. Due to this Siberia is under Inhabitat. Only 33 Million live here today. But this area is insanely rich in natural resources. but this climatic change is providing Russia an opportunity to exploit these areas. it is estimated that this region could have 2 Trillion USD worth of completely untouched mineral resources. It is believed that it could also possess the natural gas and oil of far more worth. This region could be the food powerhouse in the warmer world. It is believed that by 2070 if global warming continues as it now, most of the Serbian barren land could be utilized for food growth. Russian ecological experts claim that if the human continues to emit carbon at present, approximately half of Serbian land could be utilized for farming by 2080.

Thus Making Russia a powerhouse in the economy.

To be continued.......

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