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3 years ago

Life is an invaluable asset given by God. Which no human being in the world can give as a gift. Only Allah is the maker of it. But in what way are we using this invaluable resource? No, it's impossible. Think about who we have used our lives for, some people have got involved in various games with this life which will not be of any use to us. Someone chooses a bad way to arrange this life in a beautiful way. With which only life can be arranged, peace cannot be given .If you want to give peace to life, you have to manage yourself by following an honest path, then it is possible to give the gift of a well-organized life. Only a well-organized life can bring one to the path of light. There is no obstacle to enjoy the whole world by using life in a good way. It will not have any bad effect. Our main goal will be to lead the life given by Allah in the way of Allah. And if you go bad, then this life will be worthless. Again, many people think that money is everything in life, then you are living in a mistakeIt is possible to live well with money but life cannot be given happiness.

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