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3 years ago

There are few people in the world who do not have hobbies. Hobby is a part of entertainment in human lifeSomeone's hobby is singing, someone's traveling, someone's drawing, someone's reading a book, someone's playing sports, someone's wearing new clothes, how much money people waste on hobbies, We have to keep an eye on itIn the context of Bangladesh, it is seen that hobbies cannot be satisfied, so they choose the heinous path like suicide. In order to fulfill the desires of their children, many middle class families have to face loss. Slowly runs towards deathBy doing so, their family is also in danger. Above all, it is the responsibility of a parent to fulfill the hobbies of the boys and girls as well as to raise them as good children. Speaking of which, I am a child of a middle class family and considering my financial situation, I have never done any hobbyAfter passing HSC, I got a normal mobile phone, but I had to buy it again by myself. I could not buy anything even though I wanted to.I said we are freedom, but so be carefull.Life is enjoy &life is own.

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