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Where is Harim Kafez located?

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3 months ago

The exorbitant noise of the drills drilling the street took over the environment, along with the constant movement of the machinery, when excavating one of the most important pits that the civil works of the engineer Harim Kafez had. He was responsible for the architecture and construction of the great obelisk, the structure that would be the most imposing and wonderful ever built within the city of that Egyptian city.

Harim was widely recognized for being one of the most important engineers in the world, a pioneer for being the creator of ConcretColor, a type of concrete that changes colors according to light exposure. He was also recognized for being the inventor of certain materials that today are applied in many of the world's works, such as translucent concrete, flexible concrete, carbon fiber and even gel concrete.

The population of that city where the construction was located was very excited by the wonder that was being built there, but more than all because Harim was directing it, he had built many of the works that were there and he was the one who helped the emergence and modernization of that city. Many of its inhabitants felt a deep affection for Harim and were proud of him, they had known him since he was a child because he was born and raised there, he spent his entire childhood walking the streets of that small town before finally being selected to study at the foreigner what he was most passionate about; civil engineering. Today he was back again but this time he would give his city a modern wonder with a touch of his ingenuity and his talent as a builder.

A certain morning they knock on Harim's office, he was one of the supervisors who were in charge of him inside the work and tells him to accompany him to one of the excavation sites because they found a somewhat strange device. When heading towards the place, there were people gathered around that device, at first glance it did not seem strange except for its size, it was approximately 45 centimeters long by 30 centimeters wide and a thickness a little thicker than the fist of Harim, despite its dimensions, was made of a material that looked like carved stone but was extremely light, as light as foam rubber but as rigid as rock. Harim proceeded to grab it and take it to the office to study it in more detail and take some photographs of it before the Egyptian authorities came for it.

That same day at night Harim was at the desk he had in his residence looking once again at that strange device. It was a dark brown color covered by earth, a product of the excavation, he proceeded to clean it to observe its structure in more detail and observed that it was very old due to the way in which the hieroglyphs carved on its surface were found, there were symbols such as gods very tall with wings, intertwined stars, men on chariots pulling some rocks, artifacts in the air and many symbols that Harim could not identify, he was also able to detail that there were certain lines that crossed the tablet as if they were assembled together forming a single body, The strangest thing was that on one of the sides of the table the word "energy" was written in very small letters, that if he could identify it because it did not correspond to the rest of the present writing, it was written and carved in Hieratic, a type of writing after hieroglyphics and that lasted in ancient Egypt until its fall as an empire.

Peering into more details, he began to trace with his fingertips those crossed lines that crossed the tablet and his suspicions came true, the rock was divided into several smaller fragments and assembled together, he was very nervous and his heart was beating very quickly. when he proceeded to disassemble the artifact, he did it very slowly trying not to break the pieces, when suddenly he observed a kind of very bright precious stones similar to gems that were in each piece inside and that shone more strongly as that was putting them together.

When he finally removed the last piece a strange, very intense white light blinded him, he began to feel a strong pressure on his body as the light absorbed him, he detected strange smells like aromatic herbs mixed with wet sand and when he was finally able to open his eyes could not believe what he saw, he was dressed in very old clothes he was wearing a shenti or very fine linen skirt pleated at the front and fastened at the waist with a large leather belt with gold plated, at the top He was wearing a cape of a well-made fabric that covered his shoulders and torso, with symbols such as the sceptre, the leopard and the snake, he wore gold bracelets and metal discs between his wrists and neck and his shoes were made up of slippers leather and vegetable fiber.

He was on a plain with a lot of sand around him and an inclement sun on his face, all around him he could see men and women walking from one side to the other carrying work tools and water pitchers on their shoulders, animals pulling carriages, boats sailing on the waters with huge pieces of rock on top and docking on wooden structures that floated on the shore as if they were docks or ports. But what left Harim most impressed was what he saw on the horizon, two kinds of gigantic pointed triangular structures rising above that plain and a third one in full construction was much higher than the previous ones, with men sculpting the rock and building ramps access to the top, extensive green areas in the middle of the desert adorned those pyramids forming a unique landscaping never seen, at that moment Harim understood that he was in another reality.

He was still shocked at that scenario when at his side was a figure with a wool cape similar to the one he was wearing, but this one was much finer and more elegant, he wore shiny gold garments and a kind of hat that stood on his head. head with drawn symbols that looked like gods. Next to him there were men with spears and in carriages that protected him, he was able to realize that that figure must be someone very important, it must be the pharaoh, he approached him and in a very strange dialect but that he understood perfectly he said : "I don't know how you did it, nor do I care, but you are finishing one of my favorite constructions, when this is completed it will be the most emblematic and most important symbol of the entire empire, our enemies will know the greatness and power of everything Egypt" .

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3 months ago
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