When the wrong one loves you right!

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The hushed tones and the giggles were loud enough as they penetrated through the walls into my room. I sat against the wall, with my knees held to my chest on the queen sized bed. I saw the way they held hands and locked gazes when I went to offer them a drink. After her last relationship, I thought she would never date again, at least not so soon.

She's been in several failed relationships yet, she finds herself easily charmed by the next guy that comes along. Perhaps her emopholia is what turns them off. Men love the thrill of chasing, the prey and predator relationship but not Miss Katherine, she never played hard to get. She needed a real man. A man who can
love her the way she deserved to be loved. And that man is you? A tiny voice inside my head asked. Tonight is not the night to argue with my thoughts.

Katherine has a compassionate heart. Her mother had died while giving birth to her. Her father, always away on business trips. My mother had raised her up and she loved her as a mother though a maid. After my mother passed away, she had generously offered me a job and an accomodation as a chef given my culinary skills.

I heard the giggles again and stretched my full length on the bed placing my arms at the back of my head as I stated at the ceiling. I wondered if the visitor would spend the night. I was done watching her go through series of heartbreaks. I needed to confess my feelings to her. Maybe she'd fire me. At least I tried. Anything is better than letting these feelings suffocate me.

The doorbell buzzed and I jumped off from the bed. I looked at the time and it was 7am. I had slept off with my thoughts. I heard female voices coming from the waiting room downstairs. I put on my shirt and hurried down to ask what she'd like for breakfast. She looked beautiful in a short white floral gown. Her face wore no makeup but it didn't matter. With or without it, she looked exquisite.

"See who finally decided to wake up. I was almost about to call 911". She teased. I greeted the ladies and enquired if they'd like anything for breakfast but Katherine was in a hurry.

"No, Bridget and I are heading to the club this morning and from there I'll be going to the beach. I'll call you on the phone to let you know what to make for dinner.".

I nodded and watched them stroll out of the house. At the door, Bridget turned and took another glance at me. She smiled and I smiled back not knowing what to make of it.

Katherine didn't come back until later that night. I heard the car pull into the driveway and went to open the door for her. She regarded me with a strange look on her face. I took two steps backward giving her space to walk through before I closed the door.

"You and I need to have a discussion now. Sit!" She said pointing at one of the sofas. She sat opposite me. She observed me for a moment. Her stares left me feeling vulnerable.

"Do you love me?"

The words hit me so hard I choked. I was puzzled, nerves taut and my stomach in knots. The room was suddenly cold with a loud silence. My eyes fell to my hands and I placed them in-between my knees. For the first time I wished I had powers to disappear. I've always wanted to let her know how I felt about her but not this way, not with her in charge.

"Ben? Did you hear what I just asked?"

I nodded to her question, unsure of what to say. I inhaled a calming breath and slowly peeled my eyes off my hands, raising it to meet her gaze.

"Bridget said you are in love with me. At first, it made me laugh at such an insane thought. At the beach, while sitting on the sand and watching the waters, I realised that she was right. You've always been here. You care so much. Each time I am heartbroken, you place flowers by my bedside to cheer me up and you make my favourite meal. You sit with me and listen to me sulk all day. When I fell sick, you never left my side. You'd sleep on the sofa in my room watching me all night. Heck! You know me more than I know myself. You know my likes, dislikes and fears. I don't pay you for these. You always want to see me happy. You know, you could have chosen to leave and find a better job but you chose to be here with me even when you know I no longer need a chef."

I cleared my throat. "You are a nice person Miss Katherine and yes I confess that I might have a special feeling for you but I didn't know how you'd react if you found out. Last night I was ready to face the embarrassment and spill it all out but you came home with a guest. I presume he is the latest lover?"

"Tony?" She chuckled. "Tony is just a friend. He came into the country yesterday and decided to pay a visit. We schooled together in Canada".

She stood up and walked towards me. My legs quivered at the thought of a slap. Anything was worth loving her. She stood Infront of me, so close I could smell her cologne. She smelt so nice, it gave me wild thoughts. She raised my head with her hand under my chin. Her face was a few inches away from mine and then she did the unimaginable, she planted a kiss on my lips. The feeling sent cold shivers down the back of my legs. I placed my hand on the part where her soft lips just touched and looked at her with wide eyes.

Her lips curled up in a smile. "I never noticed how attractive you are until Bridget made me realise it. You are not just attractive but also a very noble man. Just you and I in this big house but you never took advantage of me. I've dated all kinds of men and they always broke my heart. Maybe all along, I've been loving the wrong people right when the wrong one is here loving me right".

She bent and planted another kiss on my lips. I relaxed my shoulders and kissed her back. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. Nothing mattered anymore. I'd make her happy, no matter the cost.

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Sometimes our fate throws a bad joke as sometimes we become blind of wanting to have a happy ending. We want to feel to be loved but ended up devastated. We didn't realize that we have already found the right love for us, we're just being blinded. Anyway I like the ending of the story as it was a happy ending.

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yayyy happy endingšŸ„³šŸ„³

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