The unfinished Business.

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Esther didn't have the energy to open her eyes. She lay still flat on her back with her eyes closed. The grass beneath her felt like soft silk. She felt the sudden gush of wind but lay still adjusting to the stiffness that has overwhelmed her both mentally and physically. The wind came again gushing through the trees. She strained her ears. There was a strange blabbing and blurbing sound. What was that? Where am I? She knew she was outside but why? She should be in Kim's room.

She moved her hands and felt the soft grass. This forced her to open her eyes and through the glare of the sun, she saw a gem blue stream wound it's merry way through the forest. She looked up and the trees were skyscraper tall doing a not so perfect job of hiding the cocktail blue sky. Where the hell am I? She jolted up on her feet and twirled around. There were nuts hidden in-between grasses on the floor of the forest.

Esther joggled her memory. The last thing she remembered was entering Kim's room to share the good news with her. How did she end up here? She closed her eyes hoping it was all a dream. Holding back a scream, she opened it and found herself in the same spot. She let the scream out and a flock of birds flew off the trees. Her throat was dry but she resisted the temptation to take a drink from the river.

She saw a pathway and followed it. Her steps increased as she took to her heels. She heaved a sigh of relief as she found herself out of the forest. Everything seemed different. The air, the people. She saw horses everywhere and no cars. The women were dressed in large dresses with corsets in the middle. The men wore hats and walking sticks. What the hell is happening? She pinched herself and let out a yelp. She felt the tears gather in her eyes and fought them back. The place looked so familiar albeit strange.

The mirror! The mirror spoke to her when she entered Kim's room. She had touched it afterwards and ..and...she felt herself melting into it. Oh goodness gracious, am I inside the mirror? The tears flowed down as the realization hit her.

"Young lady! You are not from this life time?" She heard a voice. Did someone speak to her? She turned to find the owner of the voice and behind her was an old man with lips forming a curve. He reached for her hands but she wrapped herself in it.

"You are afraid! What unfinished business do you have here? He asked again.

His words had her in a fluster but she needed answers. "Please where am I? She asked, her voice shaky.

"You must have come in contact with the mirror."

The mirror! She was right afterall. There was something eerie about the mirror. "Yes!", she replied, setting her hands free to gesticulate with them. "I went to my girlfriend's room to find her and then the spoke to me...I didn't understand and I touched it and now I am here". She grabbed the old man's hands with pleading eyes. "Please help me. I want to go back to where I came from".

"You are here because you have unfinished business. The mirror finds its way into the life of someone who has an unfinished business every four lifetimes. Think of what that could be and find a way to settle it and you will find your way back to your lifetime".

Esther raised her hands to her face, eyes closed. What business could he be talking about? She opened her eyes and the man was gone. She felt sweat break out from every pores on her body. Her breathing accelerated as she bit her nails.

"Esther! Esther!", A familiar voice called to her. She squinted her eyes to the direction of the voice and saw her mother waving frantically at her. Her mother died a year ago. How come she is alive? With eyes wide open, she walked up to her and touched her face then her hands.

"Why are you touching me Esther? I've been looking all over for you. One minute we were together at the market and next you were gone. Come, let's go home". She walked a little and turned to find Esther rooted still.

Esther couldn't believe her eyes. Her mother looked exactly the same before the accident except for the ridiculous dress she wore. She ran into her arms and held her in tight embrace. "Oh Mama! I'm so sorry", she said amidst tears. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have drank so much alcohol at the party. It should have been me not you. I'm so sorry Mama. I woke up at the hospital only to find out you didn't make it."

Angela did not understand what her daughter was talking about. What party? She pulled her away from her creating a little space in between them. She cupped her daughter's face urging her to look at her. "I don't know what you are talking about Esther. I'm here and you are too. Although, I don't know where you got this attire from, it looks strange that you'd be in a man's attire and people have been staring. Come let's go home".

This time around, she grabbed Esther's hand. After few minutes they arrived home. The house was exactly the same as their house except for the furniture and the deep red curtains held by gold columns.

"Let me go make dinner", her mother spoke breaking into her thoughts.

"Wait Mama!" Esther held her hand urging her to sit while she sat beside her. "Mama! I know this whole thing makes no sense to you but I don't belong here. I'm here because I have unfinished business. After the accident, I didn't get the chance to say I'm sorry to you. I blamed myself for so long, for drinking and driving. I hadn't forgiven myself because I couldn't get you to forgive me."

She stopped and stared into her mother's eyes. Angela could not make any sense out of what she was saying. "Mama! I need you to forgive me. Just say you forgive me. I need to hear these words so badly. I'm certain that's why the mirror brought me back here mama."

"What mirror? Angela asked, her face reflecting her confusion.

"Mama! Please, just say you forgive me. That's all that matters now ".

"I don't know what you are talking about Esther but I forgive you. I can never be mad at you. I'll always love you, my cheesecake. You are all I have but I do hope you do not drink and drive as that's very dangerous." Angela opened her arms and Esther went in wrapping her arms around her mother.

"Crazy moment over, now I need to go make dinner okay?" Esther nodded and watched her disappear into the kitchen. Esther went to her room to see if it was exactly as her room in her lifetime and there she found the same mirror she had seen in Kim's room. She felt a knot form in her chest as she cast her gaze upon it. Should I touch it? Will it take me back to Kim's room? A thousand questions raced through her mind. She reached out and touched it and felt her body become lighter then her hand disappeared and soon her whole body.

"Here you are Esther. I've spent the last five minutes searching this whole house for you. Where did you hide?" Kim asked, standing Infront of the bed with a frown on her face.

Esther looked around. She was back and in Kim's bed. Yes! She whispered to herself as excitement washed all over her. Did Kim say five minutes? It felt like a whole day had gone.

"Why do you look excited?" Kim asked.

Esther stood up and let herself fall freely back to the bed. She repeated the motion again as Kim watched with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm back!", She shrieked. "I'm back! Kim, I just had the weirdest adventure. The mirror..." She pointed at the direction of the mirror but there was no mirror there. Kim will never believe her. "Never mind!" She said as she stood up on the bed and threw herself down on it again.

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