The rare drug- Inkwell prompt : adventure

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It’s been so long since I wanted to be for myself, I wanted to have a quiet time for myself and after my surgery and my sickness that lasted for 8 years, it was only time for me to just sit on my bed and sip on my coffee and watch my favorite t.v show. My wish finally came through and I was alone.

“This is it, this is the moment I have been waiting for, I can just relax after so many tests and checkups, I am finally free” I thought to myself.

It was before that I realized which life has another adventure stored for me. It was at that moment that I got a call from my friend Marya telling me that she couldn’t find a specific rare drug that the doctor prescribed for her. We had to go and find it on the black market. This was the only way and she had to take it immediately otherwise she will risk serious damage to her health. I had many connections that was why she came to me for help and I couldn’t refuse.

This was a such a buzz kill for me because I needed to be alone and I didn’t want any new adventures that I knew would be hard to handle. Finding the drug in the black market was heavy on us, because what if we found an expired one or one that upon using would have irreversible serious side effects due to being fake.

Marya was my friend, my confidant through my sickness. I couldn’t just leave her die. And she knew I can save her, because I was an ex- police officer and I knew how to find the right people for this purpose and I knew how suffering from a disease felt like.

I started to make some calls to ex-felons that I knew would be able to help me. It took me ten calls until I got a name and address to get the drug. Marya insisted that we go together, at first I didn’t accept that she come with us ( there was going to be me and John my friend) but upon insistence on her part, we agreed that for as long as she was with us, she should be quiet and let us handle the situation. It was better this way because we would be less suspicious. We would look desperate enough to not take any chances.

The time finally came. The saying being at the right place in the right time suited us, because I wouldn't be anywhere else. This was exciting for me and brought up feelings of reminiscing my past which was full of adventure being a police officer.

The drug mafia boss was there to greet us. It was a stylish room and there were two men standing who had a gun and they searched us for any guns.

Because we didn’t have enough money to pay for the price asked for the drug, we had to find a way to take the drug and just go and my friend John suggested a solution which we undertook.

We handed over the money to him in a suitcase. He got the money and opened the suitcase and nodded to one of the two men with gun to bring in the drug.

My friend John checked the drug’s eligibility and it was positive. It was legit. We came back to my house and Marya took the drug, it was an injection. My doctor friend Max was there too to observe what was going on, in case Marya had any side effects to the drug. But it was all good.

“ do you think they will figure out that we gave them fake money” John asked me.

“ we should go somewhere unknown for a little while until they lose our tracks, we should have seen their faces when they figure out this was fake money” I replied.

After a while I found out that I was right, they were after us, so we immediately got into a plane and found the farthest island that we could hide for a little while until the coast was clear. Who knows what will happen to us in the island. Trying to scape the drug mafia, it sounds so courageous and dangerous but we were good for now. Life’s adventures never stops. We can not find a moment where it has nothing to offer us. It is all full of little or big adventures.

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