The Legendary Beginning of SuperLady

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Long ago, about 500 years before, there lived a newly married couple housed in a farm. The couple had no riches, no jewelries, no fame but they were contented because had love and they cared for one another.

Neighbors envied what the man and woman both shared but not to the extent of wanting to get rid of them. The couple although had nothing, were hardworking and willing to make ends meet daily. This earned them more admiration and help rendered from their neighbors who were drawn to the cooperative couple.

The zealous attitude continued to wax stronger between the duo and they both made progress. Soon they had a farm of theirs and a cow with it. They later grew into a buying a bull which in turn mated the cow and gave them many calves. Things were all good and running in their new ranch called "The Two Hearts ranch".

Then the couple settled for a baby. They both made a promise to themselves to firstly settle down comfortably before bringing in a child into their world and now it was time. Few months later, Ameena took in. She was down with an illness during childbirth labor and her loving husband, Kamal was torn apart as he searched endlessly for a remedy.

After hours of walking and crying and searching and praying for his wife and child’s safety, he stumbled upon a landed space ship. Courageously, he ventured inside hoping to find help for his wife in labor. Then he meets the nice king of the space ship who gave him an antidote to heal his wife and ease her childbirth. In matter of time, Kamal and Ameena became proud parents of a baby girl they named Pella.

On Pella’s 18th birthday, her parents made their confession to her. While Pella was growing, she experienced strange things happen to her. She had that superficial strength she didn’t understand. She could also hear things from miles away and she experienced her movements sometimes at the speed of light. Mom and dad always told her stories of superheroes and she mostly compared herself to them especially when she experiences these changes.

The antidote Kamal collected from the kind King has caused Pella all the strange things she had experienced. Her parents explained to her that the reason why all those things happened to her was because of the antidote. They also warned her ahead of the growth of these superficial things. She would grow more strength than before and they also implored her to use these powers for positivity.

Pella heeded to her parents advice and she became the superhero in her neighborhood. As she clocked more years, hardly did she show any aging sign. Her powers waxed stronger and she dutifully took on the responsibility of safeguarding her parents and larger community from harm.

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it's a nice storyy👍👍

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