I can do bad all by myself.

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High school memories always leave me feeling nostalgic. Stubborn doesn't quite describe me. My teachers would argue that I was mulish but I would say I was adventurous. From breaking rules to serving punishments but I was never found wanting in my grades and this leaves them often wondering how a brilliant child could be so obstinate. I mean if I didn't do all those things I did in high school, I won't have any stories to tell right?

I attended three different high schools and this was because I got into trouble in every one of them. I got into so much trouble that I do not know which story to share although I've once shared the story of my book heist.

I was queen bee of the mean girls in my last high school. If it was abroad, I would have been captain of cheerleaders. My uniform was always slim fitted and cut shorter than the rest of the girls. I mean, someone's got to show off those sexy legs.

I remember breaking out of chemistry class in SS1 to my girlfriend's house one day. She lived beside the school. We had gone to her house to watch a movie because power had just been restored by the electricity company. Unfortunately, we found a CD inside the CD player and decided to play it only to find out it was porn. The sight of naked people doing crazy things had us running out of the room and back to school.

It was all the chemistry teacher's fault. The chemistry teacher and I never saw eye to eye. This was because on the day of his interview, I found it funny how he pronounced the word "enthalpy" each time he was teaching and at some point I couldn't hold back the laughter as I exploded in it. Although not intended, he never forgave me and made sure he punished me at the slightest offence. His favourite punishment was locking me up in the toilet.

I was the class prefect but the right to write a list of noisemakers was taken from me by the chemistry teacher. He believed I was the chief noisemaker of the class. Each time he flogged those whose names were on the list, even though my name wasn't on it, I'm always punished. The teacher believed I must have threatened the writer. Well, you can't blame him with my history of scheduling fights after school hours.

I was the reason why a "no plaiting of hair" rule was made in my high school. Every week, the school brings out a particular hairstyle for students but my girls and I always chose our own different hairstyles. I was already used to being lashed. I can receive twenty lashes on my palm without flinching. When the principal noticed that flogging wasn't a solution, he had all the girls in the school go on low cut. I know some girls never forgave me for that. Anyways, my own hair was cut by the principal because I refused to keep to the rule.

Lest I forget, I failed chemistry in my Secondary School Certificate Examination. I guess sometimes being haughty and naughty doesn't pay.

Don't even roll your eyes at me. This is nothing compared to other things I did in my other high schools like prison break but I guess that would be a story for another day.

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In fact, our bad stories at school will always be remembered by our teachers, compared to good stories.

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