Brain Health is Important

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Our Brain is like a software and our body the hardware. In order to keep the hardware in good condition it is important that we take care of the software and keep updating it to avoid any disruptions in the hardware. Just like how we code a Computer we can code our physical body. If we take good care of our brain health we will see the benefits of it on our physical health overall. It all starts from the top. If that gets damaged, it means life overall is damaged.

It is not very complicated to keep the Brain healthy and active. In our day to day life if we follow some very simple things we can easily boost our brain health. There are many old age ailments that come up with the brain becoming dull and inactive. I remember my Father had many health issues, but he was still functioning well till the time he had a job and was actively working in it, but from the time he retired and started being at home for longer period not really doing much his health condition deteriorated very fast.

Good diet, Exercise, Proper Sleep are some common things which we understand are good for our brain health. But there are some other ways also in which we can boost our brain health. Like Learning; it keeps our brain young trying to learn new things. Then playing mind games are a good stimulation to the brain. Stimulation challenges the brain and makes it active. Reading is one another very good form of boosting brain health, it helps reducing the cognitive abilities of the brain. Switching our daily routines, this one helps challenge the brain. Following routines our brain gets into stagnancy and monotony, when we switch these daily routines the auto pilot mode of our brain gets switched off.

Socializing is also one good form of keeping the brain active. Problems like Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson are all problems of the brain and can be avoided by implementing some good practices in our lifestyle, which are so very simple and does not cost anything. Personally I find Reading and Writing both a very good exercise for brain. Even to think of writing these blogs every day are a challenge to the brain and it is a good exercise to keep the brain active.

If we take good care of our mental and physical health all the time, we can get rid of all the age related issues, which people conveniently say, it is because of the age.

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Great article if the brain is bc well taken care of, we will the benefits in our physical health

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