what is Premium Membership program powered by the FunFair FUN token

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Premium Benefits Estimator

The Premium Membership program is designed in a way that the longer you hold FUN tokens, the greater your benefits will be. The initial benefits start after 1 month of holding the tokens in your FreeBitco.in account.

Move the slider below to select the amount of FUN you have or wish to buy. We'll show you the additional benefits you stand to earn according to your holding period.

Get 1% cashback on your MULTIPLY BTC/BETTING bets, 16 free Wheel of Fortune turns day by day and 25% expansion to financing costs by purchasing and holding FUN tokens in your FreeBitco.in account!

You should simply purchase FUN tokens and hold them in your FreeBitco.in record to get the advantages. The more you hold the tokens, the more noteworthy the advantages will be!

We additionally pay you half reference commissions on exchanging expenses, paid in BTC, produced by your references purchasing/selling tokens from us! Visit the REFER page to see your symbolic deals details.

FUN is tradeable on numerous trades including Binance, Bitfinex, OkEx, HitBTC, Changelly and Uniswap!


WARNING: Please note that you can only deposit FUN (FunFair) tokens to your deposit address. Any other tokens or crypto that you deposit to this address will be permanently lost.

To register on the site, please click here and thank you very much for your support

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